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Enemies taking current conditions into consideration before choosing skill to use

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From what I have seen, enemies chose their skill to perform on the beginning of their turn.
This results in some awkward situations in my project, examples:


1. Actor applied a state on enemy which seals a skill. This enemy will still try to perform that skill, without any effects or animation (but apparently things in notes are still executed, such as Moghunter's battle motions) instead of picking another available skill.
2. Enemy has a state that forces them to use a skill, but they won't do it until next turn.
3. Foe has a state which allows them to use particular skills. Player uses a skill that removes that state to prevent them from doing that, but enemy still uses that skill in current turn.


How do I change that, so enemies will take into account their current conditions (you know, states) before choosing which skill they use?

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Hmmm...I'm not sure. I don't even know if there is a script for this or not.

If there is, it might be Galv's or Victor's territory...

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Posted (edited)

You would basically need to redo the way the battle system works for that. As is, all enemies and actors choose the thing they are going to use before the round and use it later during the round. For this enemies at least would have to choose their action and do their action at the same time. There are alternate battle systems that do that, like ATB systems for example, where both players and enemies choose their attacks only right before they do them. Pretty sure their are turn based ones that do that too. I don't know of any script that makes just the enemies able to do it though. Seems a bit unfair don't you think?

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