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Is there a good way to get game feedback other than to post the game and hope it gets popular enough? My friends aren't very experienced with game design and whatnot, so when I ask them for some they generally don't give much other than "I do/don't like that part."

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You need to pass it off to actual testers who know what to look for/evaluate across the board, trying to be as objective as possible. People who will take notes, and provide a detailed analysis of all the areas evaluated.


An amateur tester can play a game just looking at the surface of it, telling you this part was fun or boring, easy or hard, there's a typo here, a bug there, etc.


A good tester will give you feedback on characters and their story arcs, dialogue, skills and builds. On mapping, story flow, balancing, feature hiccups, suggestions to improve areas that are lacking etc.


Friends will more often than not hesitate to be completely forthcoming, and sooner celebrate what you've done. Try posting a testing project on this or other RM sites, and see who volunteers. I will test an Ace game.

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