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Clear All Common Events?

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Hello again. Back from the dead to ask a question. It's a bit of a weird situation so bear with me here:


I'm making a game that's entirely run via common events, with very little player control outside of choices/text/menu processing. There are two issues i'm facing right now because of this:

#1 are game overs. Since i'm using a game over common event plugin, the game won't end if all actors are defeated until all other common events finish processing, which leads me to issue #2: Since all these common events keep piling up in reserve, it'll probably cause issues if there's too many at a time. So my question: Is there a way to completely remove all currently processing common events at once, and - say, leave an autorun event on the map that opens a menu if there's nothing else running at the moment?


Apologies if this was asked before. I've been searching around and found nothing so far

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