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ace Questions Regarding Resource Licenses

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Most of you know I have been workshopping ideas and concepts for an MMO using VXA-OS by Valentine90.


One idea I have been playing with is a modern fantasy MMO set in the present day era of technology. Now, in order to do this and retain the right to profit from it, I would need to use the default overworld tiles from MV, as well as some other tiles and vehicle sprites from MV's RTP collection.


I imagine in certain other cases, it might not be a major point of stress. I'm wondering if this could be problematic for an MMO with in-app purchases.



So, can you actually, by law, use MV's RTP resources with another RM title such as Ace?

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It has been discussed many times in other threads and forums.


*You can use resources from any RPG Maker engine IF you own that said engine.


So you can use MV assets if you own MV, for commercial purposes.


The same goes for other assets. If they say you need to provide attribution to use them, then there should be (unless the author specifically says so) no problems using them in whatever engine you want. If the author says this is for MV only, then you will either have to not use it or ask the author for permission.

If the assets are paid for, then it will be fine unless it specifically says *this maker only*.

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I had heard of the ownership license loophole, but wasn't sure if it was true. All you ever get is the word of a software owner/user on forums or what have you. I had done some albeit light research but found nothing from the Enterbrain's mouth on it.


Thanks for helping to clear this up for me.

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Yeah; the milktoast EULA one gets with pretty much any asset explains precious little.

In fact, it often doesn't explain any of the applicable terms for that particular asset (this is so with some of the more recent ones like VX Ace's Shopping Spree to name one), so there's often no clear way of knowing unless the terms are clearly stated elsewhere (in the case of the previously aforementioned asset they are stated on the Steam store page which is a good thing because otherwise there's only the milktoast EULA and the graphics).

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