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Map is saved within game, but can't be accessed through editor.

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I'm having an issue where a few maps are not visible in the map list on the left-hand side of the editor (the thing below).


The game still loads all of the content within these maps perfectly fine, but they don't exist within the editor (I have compressed the list here for brevity's sake).

When I say they don't exist within the editor, I mean that I cannot reference them in anyway, or see them. Events which were placed before this and transferred the player to these maps do not show a map gui when attempting to change the transfer location.


Looking through the data files, I can see the hidden maps in question; is there some way that I can make these maps visible within the editor?


The only script I'm using is a data file backup script, but this should only duplicate the files, it doesn't modify them in any way (this also means that the backup files do not fix the issue).


Thanks very much!

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This means that you took maps from another project and added them in or your maps file is corrupt. MAKE A BACKUP!

The easier way to add maps is to just create a new map. Take note of the map number. If the map you want is map 55 and the map you just created is 51, then you will probably need to make 4 more maps until you get map55 in the editor. When that happens you just need to close the editor and copy the maps you imported previously into your project folder or from your backup.

Load the editor and presto the maps are now there.

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These were not imported maps, they were maps that I made.


Again, I can access them when playing the game, and can see the data files, but can not see the maps through the editor itself.

If the map files were corrupted, would I still be able to access them in-game? I could be wrong, but I would assume that a corrupted map file simply wouldn't work at all.

But if they are corrupted, is there any way to 'uncorrupt' them?



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Sorry if I wasn't clear.

The maps themselves may be fine, as you said you can play them, and yes I understood that part. It was possible to have the maps imported since if you were able to get to one map in game then the transfers to the others would probably work just fine. bujt if you made them all then you need to do as I suggested. There is a mapinfos.rvdata2 file. That's what corrupt.

Performing the steps I mentioned should work. 

Make a backup!

If you make one extra map, what number is it? Is it the number of one of the maps you are missing? Or is it past all the maps you have created, i.e. you have 30 maps in total and making a new one defaults to the map name of MAP031.

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Okay, I think I understood this time and the issue is fixed!


I dragged the map files out of the data files, made new maps in the editor and then replaced those new maps with the old maps. This has fixed the problem.


Thanks for your help!

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