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Hello there! 


I'm Siryn, and it's a pleasure ^.^ I'm very excited to be here. I'm also ridiculously new to this xD. I'll likely be perusing the forums like a mad-woman as time goes. Anyhow! A little bit about me. I'm an author, my pen name is Siryn Sueng. I've been writing for the better part of my life. About 3 years ago I sustained an injury while at work that has limited my ability to get around, and thus I've been seated.... a lot.... So, I've been writing. 


Well, when I can anyway. In short, I need to do something with my writing other than maybe sorta finishing book 2 for my publisher.... >.> *cough*. Yes! I've always dreamt of creating games and thus, here I am. Though whether or not I'll be good at it, I guess we'll see :)


My current project is titled Askaria: The Decay. It is a fantasy themed project, with the ability to choose one of four hero's to go on a mission to save the realm from a deadly disease. I know what you might be thinking and no.... I had this idea waaaay before our current pandemic.....


Everything that I write has LGBTQ+ characters. Most all of my creations are bisexual - a small representation of my own sexuality. Though romance is almost always a sub-plot in everything I do, it is never truly the heart of a project. In Askaria, this holds true as well. The party you will run around with, will each have an option to romance if you so desire. (The coding for this is going to be a nightmare... isn't it? Wait... don't tell me >.> I'll just pretend it'll be a walk in the park....)


I've been working on this project for about 3 days now. My hope is to submit it to the competition that's going on for RPG Maker MZ. If I make it in time, GREAT! If not, well that's alright, cuz I'll still be working on it! 


Well, now that I've rambled on quite a bit, I should probably get back to work! Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my post and I look forward to chatting! 





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Hello and welcome!

Good luck with your project! 😁

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Yay another new person! *sprinkles fairy dust around the topic*

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