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In a world ruled by those who port the Valas, a young boy named Bibro, along with his brother and friends, will go on a quest to dethrone the evil king Aracnus. However, they soon will find themselves on a bigger adventure than they could've ever anticipated...



*Turn-based RPG

*4 Obligatory Dungeons (Demo),  some with alternative routes and zones.

*Secret Bosses and rewards.

*Original species and enemies.

*2/3 hours approx. (Demo)/ ? hours approx (Final)

*A safe haven in the homeworld to rest, save your progress, and buy items.

*Special accessories with varied effects, from letting you use enemy attacks, to boost your stats, or give you immunity to a specific negative status.

*Setup for alternative routes on the full game.




Download Link:


Feel free to give me your opinions regarding the plot, the characters, difficulty and other things. There's no original music (I can't do it). I've fixed and tweaked a lot of things since last time to make a better experience.

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