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Western Assets and characters

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Hi there!  I'm looking to get some people to develop a variety of Western assets, like Wild west style town tiles and character archetypes.  Cowboys, Tribal natives, Tin pan gold prospectors etc.  I've already got one person who has stated they're willing and eager to help with this, but obviously the more the merrier.  This isn't for just my own project as the thing I've mainly noted is a distinct lack of "NPC" type characters.  Any style of art is welcome because these are non-specific and meant to be for everyone to use.  The only big thing I'd ask is that the resources be western in nature.  I'd even be okay with Western style music.

On a different note, I'd ask you clarify the following when posting resources in the thread:  1.  How exactly do we credit you, 2.  Can this be used for commercial use (and if so are there special steps you want taken), Is this designed to be used with a specific resource (IE VX Ace, MV, etc)?

I want to reiterate and be clear: while I hope that this nets some things I can use, this isn't for me specifically.  Honestly, I can probably work with the few things I've found, but it's really sad that there's not more resources like this available.

To Mods:  I'm hoping that this is okay.  If it's not, please let me know where would be best to post this.

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