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Developer's Note:  A lot of what I'm doing now is working on the tedious stuff:  items, weapons, skills, battle animations, etc.  I know where I want the story to go, have the first quest mapped out, but I'm primarily a writer.  I get excited to start putting in the story, then realize that I can't event the character collecting an egg because the item "egg" hasn't been created yet.  This little piece of text will change as I start working on new things to tell you what specifically I'm working on.


Note:  This game is still very much in the development stage and I don't have enough for a demo.  I don't think I'll be releasing one until I get to the playtest phase as it's not going to be a long game (I'm aiming at 2-3 hours).  This page is to show off the story and a few of the elements that have been put together for the game, including some characters!


Jackson Cole is a loving husband and father living on a decent sized homestead.  When he goes into town to buy some ingredients for a birthday cake for his youngest daughter, he returns to find his farm burned down, his son murdered, and his wife and daughters kidnapped!  What the kidnappers hadn't seemed to know is that Jackson wasn't always known as a simple farmer, but was once infamous for being "Mad Jack Cole," a gunslinger and bounty hunter known for always opting for the "dead" option of "dead or alive" bounties.  His temper is legendary, and they've managed to spark it in the worst way.  Jack heads out determined to save what is left of his family and avenge his son.  Along the way he will enlist the aid of his father-in-law, Roy Feathers, a Marshall quietly derided for being a little too friendly with part monster folks known as "half bloods," Gustave Weiss, a half harpy sniper whose deadly reputation haunts him, and Clarence Branch, a young mage and tinkerer who is hoping to make a name for himself and prove he has what it takes to rival more traditional magic users with his special "Sygil Shot" weapon.

Their foe is no ordinary bandit either.  "Blue Zander" Grimes is known for his vicious nature and odd, demonic powers.  His reputation as an officer in the Half-Blood army, a rebel group that was put down a generation before, precedes him, and his small force of half-blood bandits all sport their own array of strange and useful powers and talents.







Jackson "Mad Jack" Cole:

A retired gunslinger and bounty hunter with a reputation for rage and cruelty.  Any man might be angry when his family is abducted, but traces of dragon's blood in Jack's veins make his rage a far more potent force!  Without the calming force that his wife represents, it's unclear just how far Jack will go to sate his temper.



Roy "Savage Law" Feathers:


Gustave "Red Breeze" Weiss:


Clarence "Clean Up" Branch:


and our main villain, Alexander "Blue Zander" Grimes:


Featuring art by:

Landscapes and CGs:

Character Sprites:

Tile Art by:

Portrait and Character Art By:
nass1c (She made all the character art you're seeing and has some super reasonable pricing!  She brought all of these characters to life with limited references and my descriptions!  I can't recommend her work enough!  Locate her on Fiverr)

And Music by:

Prod. Ryini Beats: https://www.youtube.com/ryini
(Seriously, if you're making a non-commercial game, check this guy out.  His beats and loops are amazing and they're almost exclusively free for non-commercial use so long as you credit him!)

Edited by Aslanemperor
Updated the Credits, added a "Status" and "Developer's Notes" section towards the top.

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cool game! keep up the good work!

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Jack is his name, and revenge is his game.




I drafted a Loose Leaf for Jack based on the beautiful art by nass1c. I hope this is acceptable for what you're seeking. The one notable aspect he is missing is the spurs on his boots. I had held out to try that later, provided you feel you can use the style, or would like more samples of the title characters and some NPCS.


I will work on the other characters, but Jack turned out so good imo, I wanted to share him to touch base with some progress.


Edited by That One NPC
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Can I ask a minor change?  He should only have the scales on one side of his face and no facial hair.  He's 1/16 dragon, and the markings on his face are actually the bits of scales that come through.  Still pretty darn good, though!

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Posted (edited)

Revisions made to Jack.




Zander drafted.




Edited by That One NPC
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