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minimap Optimized Advanced Auto Scaling Minimap RPG Maker MV/MZ

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A straight forward, optimized minimap plugin for RPG Maker MV and MZ, made during development of Knight of the Celestial, along with more advanced features, the basic version is free to use, check out the advanced if you enjoy it!

KoTC Advanced Optimized Autoscaling Minimap

Advanced Features:
-Picture Map Mode, builds a detailed picture of the map for use as the minimap.
-Option to Draw Parallax in the place of the background color.
-Auto Terrain Map Mode: based on users tilesets.
-More ways of displaying icons on events such as Dots, Square, and even the events own texture.
-Exploration Map Mode, map is drawn as you explore it, and is memorized for when you return to it.

Basic Features:
-Full collision map, adaptable even to randomized terrain.
-Default color control of the background, collision map, player, and border. -Configurable minimap size, automatically scales any map icons, as well as the minimap to fit the chosen size in pixels, whether its too big or too small. -Commands to change colors and size during the game.
-Setting icons on events through their notes referencing pictures in the pictures folder.
-Setting visibility distance for minimap icons if one wishes to do so.
-Player location and current directional facing.

Terms of Usage: For commercial and non commercial use as long as you credit me, and do not redistribute the script. If you were to make a game commercially with my script id appreciate it if you messaged me about it.

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