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Manafinder - A tale about survival with all original pixel art!

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Hi everyone, I've been working on Manafinder: an RPG with an emphasis on weapon selection using RPG Maker MV! I'm targetting 2022 for release.

As time runs out for Lambda and her fellow exiles, she must fight endless threats and face a destiny-defying choice: face the past or venture into the unknown.

What will you do? 

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1582410/Manafinder/
itch.io: https://wolfsden.itch.io/manafinder
Social media: https://linktr.ee/manafinder



There is only one kingdom in this world, and you have been exiled from it. With dangerous creatures lurking every corner, living in the wild is unspoken of.

Against all odds, and thanks to the grace of manastones, a community of banished survivors has formed a settlement. With their days seemingly counted, they've welcomed you as their latest champion, their hope, their manafinder. But seeking manastones is no ordinary task, for it is often a finder's demise either on the search itself, or by the hands of their natural guardians; powerful creatures who have grown attached to the energy emitted by these magical stones.

Between increasingly tense relations among the last remaining manafinders, and the difficulty of the job itself, surviving is slowly becoming a distant dream. In this time of crisis, will you be the heroine the settlement desperately needs?


  • Spoiler


    • 8~12 hours of playtime!
    • Explore the fantastical environments of Aevi, with over 23 different biomes!
    • Fight over 120 different beasts, each with a unique design and combat strategy!
    • Use different weapons and elemental ores during combat to exploit enemy weaknesses!
    • Collect items and weapons, find manastones, harvest healing plants, and mine elemental ores to aid you in your quest!
    • Meet exiles, manafinders, nomads, the Gods, and other mysterious characters!
    • Choices made throughout the game will not only define the fate of the exiled but also result in one of the two completely different final chapters!
    • Take a break, and take on side quests with varied activities (including minigames!) that dive deeper into the lives of the exiled.



While I am a solo dev, I do have a team of collaborators helping me with all the assets.
Pixel Art by:
Firefly Pixel
Daniel Hiram

Music by:

SFX by:
Newtro Incandescente

Trailers by anyamaf❤️


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A few updates, demo has been updated a lot since I posted here, most importantly with a graphical overhaul of the Emerald Trail and the addition of Spanish support. 


Also, DriftwoodGaming did a pretty dope LP of the demo! :)


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This looks lovely, tons of decent work. Good to see you've put RM into good use. 🙂 👌

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I guess this thread should now be in completed games. Can a mod move it, please?

Also, the latest review is up on YT:


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