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RGSS3/VX Ace Scripts Conflicts Issues Board

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Okay, so here, I'm wanting to create a board for those of us who are experiencing script conflicts, and mayhaps someone may come along with a solution to them, or post their own conflicts.

1) NO STUPID CRAP. No flaming, trolling, etcetera. Take it to the back alley, thanks.
2) Links to scripts in question are appreciated, but of course, this is the internet and the internet has a well-known habit of deleting and yeeting itself from existence, so if the original source, is, you know, 404 ERROR NOT FOUND or likewise-similar, and there's no backup/archive, we will accept YOUR COPY, but please have one that's unmodified, kaythanks.
3) You have to be descriptive. One liners are not enough. That tells us nothing. Squat. NENHUM. Also, a single image with the default error dialog is not much better. It's slightly better, but not much.
4) This is not a hard rule, but a strong recommendation, and a bit of a nudge-plug. One of our own, dearest @Kayzee has a better error reporter for if Ruby doesn't like something. We suggest getting that and using it. They have two versions, one that replaces main and one that doesn't. Ties into Rule 3, pretty much, and will definitely help.
5) Lastly, if you are here to provide a solution, patch, or an update, then by all means, feel free. However, let those who posted their issues know about it though, kaythanks.

Oh, one more thing. only one rule is an actual hard rule. Rule 1. We don't want that here.

With that out of the way...

I have a script conflict I don't know how to address.
Conflict: SEE - Item Menu v. @Tsukihime - Instance Items
Error type: Soft (no crash)
Error Persistence: The Item Menu just simply does not recognize instance items and I do not know how to make it work with them.
How I realized this: In the item menu, there's supposed to be four lines of text that describes the item in better detail, but it's attached to the item's ID, which per instance is different than the template ID, and the instance ID is not accounted for by the item menu script, therefore, the lines of text are blank.

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