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Just another 'Hello' post.

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Hey guys, I'm elCodes and I'm hoping I'm not going to get banned for this, but I'm not actively working on an RPG Maker project...

Though I've used RPG Maker since XP up to MV, I switched to Unity years ago. This isn't an advertisement (because I don't want to break any rules), but I am working on a Unity asset that will be an all-in-one RPG creation suite. Think RPG Maker for Unity. 

I'm here for 2 reasons.

  1. To find an artist.
  2. To get back into the community and just chat with people to find out what potential features they would like to see.

So yeah, hopefully I won't get banned for this and look forward to chatting to you all.

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Hello, hello and welcome!

Don't worry, no bans for that, but the opposite ~ all game dev activity is welcomed, and while the forums indeed focus on RPG Maker, all other engines are accepted as well.

I myself no longer work with RPG Maker (used to work with Ace), I switched to Game Maker Studio, because all games I did in RPG Maker weren't even RPG's anyway, I coded them from scratch, so hah, I didn't use RM the right way.

Assets sound interesting, looking forward to see your stuff! :D 

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