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Looking for some art for promotional reasons

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Hey guys,

As stated in my intro post, I'm working on a Unity asset which essentially is RPG Maker in Unity. As I've been developing, I've been using the standard assets I got from MV but now I'm at a point where I want to start promoting it... and for legal reasons I obviously can't use the official RPG Maker assets in any of my promo images. I don't want to just steal some random assets off the web either because I want the artists consent. 

So I'm looking for 3 assets:

  1. A facepic and matching character sprite sheet for a screenshot of the database.
  2. A tile set for a screenshot of the map editor.

If anyone can help out with this I'd appreciate if greatly, and add full credits and any link backs on the official website.



EDIT: Forgot to mention, assets need to be MV compatible!

EDIT2: Alternatively, if anyone knows of any websites with free assets I could use where I can get in touch with the artist that would also be helpful. I tried it and ended up in pop-up hell.....

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