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Open world - Multi-class - timed gladiatorial management

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Ok, so this idea is just being fleshed out, but I'd love to get some feedback about how these things could be accomplished.  I have RPG Maker VX Ace, but there's no reason to limit discussion to a single path.  This is, after all, just for figuring out how the idea would work.  Here's the basics of my idea:

The player takes the position of someone looking to be a gladiator.  Of course, they have to train and grow stronger, but I don't want training to be just a bunch of boring mini-games (especially since that's been done, and I want more for the player.)  I'd like for there to be various areas on the world map that they can go to grind for experience, with things like quests available to earn gold for equipment or class benefits.  There would be a few different storylines running through the game besides the central story of just wanting to become the tournament champ.  To make this happen, though, I'd need SO MUCH figured out that it's actually a bit overwhelming, but the game would be SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY!!!!!

So, here is what I've thought of that I'd be interested in seeing:

~A multi-class system kinda like the one featured in SierraLee's Once Ever After.  I recommend checking the game out (and all their games,  their stuff is amazing, especially Ouroboros and The Last Sovereign!).  Essentially, you complete quests to earn a class, and then you equip the classes to earn permanent bonuses from them.  While equipping the class, you get certain benefits and drawbacks.  It's such a unique way of approaching the job system that games like Final Fantasy Tactics introduced, it would work perfectly for the system I'm imagining.

~A timed open world that changes over time.  Certain enemies grow stronger, certain quests become available or are lost over time, ranking in the tournament series changes.  One of the more complicated things I want to do with this is set up monsters in certain areas to only reproduce a certain number of times per day.  In other words, if you go on day 5 and clear out an area, returning to that area will be fruitless on day 6 since only one monster will be there.  Not only that, leaving certain areas for to long will make the monsters there stronger.  At a certain point, you may even go to an area to find that it became to threating and some sort of NPC hunters cleared it out (resetting everything so that it's empty again.)  This may be the most complicated thing of all to work into the game, and I really haven't the slightest clue for how to do it.  I'm guessing this is going to need some serious custom coding to make it work right.

~A romance/relationship system that allows you to make friends that will open up opportunities for special quests and classes.

~Maybe a multiplayer system to be implemented once the game is completed?  People will be able to customize their character completely, making their gladiators unique!  Players can see how their build measures up to others!

~Fully customizable character appearance with the option to use a built in avatar maker or upload a custom picture for your fighter.


This is what I've thought of so far, but I'm not nearly skilled enough to do all of this.  If you want to just pick up this idea and roll with it, please do so with my blessing.  Otherwise, any input for how to implement this, or other cool features which would make such a game even better are welcome!

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