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Help understanding the EXP Curve

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Hey guys, firstly, happy Thanksgiving to any American fwens out there.

As a Bri'ish chap, it's just a normal weekend for me and I'm spending it working on my Unity project. I'm making the window for generating EXP curves for classes, and need some help understanding the maths behind how it works.

Obviously, the base value and added value are added together to create the required EXP from level 0 - 1, but anyone know the maths to how the Acceleration A and B values work out the rest of the values?

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Something tells me that it is a percentage. Not sure, just a hunch. Also, Extra value is not quite like that. Extra value is more like this:
(Base*LV) + (EX*LV)
If it were as you said, since in RM, Extra Value can be 0, then, it would be...okay yeah it kinda is, but the values are calculated independently and then added, and then the Acceleration A/B values are factored in, with B mainly for the upper level range. That's what I understand. Personally, I prefer external EXP tables, but that's another topic for another time.

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