A classic styled JRPG offering a somewhat different approach on how RPGs can be designed. Uses a customized battle system, (while a prototype & not without its quirks)still  evolves basic front facing battlers to the next Lvl exploiting the build-in engine combat &  evented animations. The Real Time Combat is quite the change of pace from turn based RPG MAKER based games. However combat has always played second fiddle to exploration & characters with deep story.  Now go fetch these orbs & track down that evil doer before the world comes to a sudden end!   (WARNING READ ONLY) IF INTO DEPRESSING REALITY & WHAT GOES THROUGH  MY MIND!   But how much depth does collecting 4 orbs to "save the world & defeat the bad evil doer" have? What approach could even be possibly taken to try & refresh a formula older than even myself. Well, building the ground work was the easy part, & completing it is another hurdle all together. With half finished questlines, dev rooms sitting there unfinished, & dungeons that require work. I'm left pondering, was this really a game I created for the sole purpose of being sold on steam, or was it some kind of way of getting a little control back into life from reality of being a shut-in.   Creativity only goes so far, exploration & average NPCs that simply serve their simple function, doesn't seem to get you quite there to the nostalgic levels of being thrusted in a Fantasy World as you once had way back as a kid playing all those 2D RPGs for the very first time, what is left. Two & half years with a good bit of content to offer yet feel it lacking as a void to be completed. The drive of wanting to make money undermines the whole passion of wanting to game dev... Just trying to market has torn me away from wanting to make all the additional content I want. I don't know just ramblings of a dev who feels overly attached with 1st game world to move on. Asset-Terms From Creators.txt