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Hi! I want to hire creators for few sprites.

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Hi! I want to pay for the creation of a few sprites. I'm trying to make a game with a Japanese-style background. I would like to ask you to make a sprite suitable for the looseleaf character of the rpg maker xp engine. Japanese-style soldier outfit (clothes/hat) Japanese style clothes A few faces, etc. If the collaboration works successfully, we will be able to continue the business relationship. Payment will be made through paypal, and since this is the first transaction, we will proceed by trading individual sprites in small quantities. If you are interested, please send a brief portfolio and proposal amount to dudwn121212@gmail.com. lets discuss about buiness!! sorry for my bad english but i dont have any problem to communicate thanks!! have a good days!

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Find the Loose Leaf modular package. It's just a pack of the ripped LL materials from the old site. Using any decent image editing software, you can compile and edit your own sprites, rip suitable parts to add (for example, from the RPT sprite generator), etc.

The PNG files:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/bajcnabxzxtdl3b/Looseleaf pngs.zip?dl=0


The Thread that link was provided in:




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