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Custom skill usage on "Attack an ally", "Attack an enemy", "Attack anyone" states

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Hi all, I'm requesting help with a script plugin that would let me set a custom skill by notetag for an enemy when they are inflicted with a state that includes the effects "Attack an ally," "Attack an enemy," and "Attack anyone."

Reason being all of my characters use the attack command, but monsters have specific actions tailored to give some flavor in verbiage, so when they are under those effects and the dialog reads "X attacks Y!" it breaks some of the feeling I'm going for.

Something that would allow me to specify skill by number, like:

<Attack ally: ###>
<Attack enemy: ###>
<Attack anyone: ###>

If for some reason they are unable to use that skill, if it's not too complicated, I would want it to either pass their turn with no action taken, or maybe produce the dialog "X is unable to act!" or give me an option to use an alternate (non-action) ability, such as:

<Unable: ###>

or perhaps produce either that or a dialog output, at my option:

<Unable: ###>
<Unable: [enemy's name]" is unable to act!">

So I can choose what I would want the enemy to do in that scenario.

This would be for a (hopefully) commercial product, and you would be credited under. We can discuss a licensing fee if you like.

The only other script I have in place that requires using the monster's note box is modern algebra's Drop Options 1.1.0, so it would have to not fight with that if there's an issue with the notetag order.

Thank you!

EDIT: Incidentally, I did try the action command to force an action at a very high priority when an enemy is under the state that causes one of the above effects, but the effect of the state overrides it, and attack is still used.

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