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Looking for a Team to make Time Travel and Multiverse story

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Hi There,
My name is Eyal
and i'm thinking about making a game with a story surrounding time travel and multiverse concepts
i'm still unsure what the specifics will be to the story because i want to decides with you
what skills can help:

  • artistics skills
  • map building skills
  • technical skills
  • story writing skills
  • ideas skills
  • any other skill that you think you can bring to the table

the game will be considered a paid game only if we think people will pay for it
if not i had fun and created a game for people to enjoy image.gif.808888467ac575cd6a89d60e048abdf3.gif
if you want to join message me on discord: eyalgi11#8819

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Mark me down for story writing and idea skills.


I have questions, though. Like a fictional period piece might be tough for me to pull together, or contribute to in a team. A fantasy or sci-fi number that heavily involves time travel (Chrono Trigger, for example), however, I can do.

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I'm also down for helping with story, ideas and dialogue.  I can do some eventing and map building as well.

I can build a story about just about any topic.  I'll check you out on discord when I have more time to discuss details.

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