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Courier Tale | Demo out now!

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Play the Courier Tale demo & wishlist on Steam | Courier Tale Website

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You've joined the gig economy as a courier for T.A.L.E. Couriers! Explore, meet and chat with a cast of characters, complete deliveries for the company while doing jobs on the side in this pixel art adventure where this job is not everything you expected it to be...


  • Pixel Art: Stylistic retro 2D graphics with a minimalist feel.
  • Explore and Deliver: Explore this semi-open world the way you want. You'll feel safe in your job knowing there's no combat.
  • Non-Linear: The gig economy allows you to select your deliveries in the order you choose. Talk to everyone or only those you're paid to talk to.
  • Side Jobs: Just because you work for T.A.L.E. Couriers, doesn't mean you can't pick up some optional side jobs from characters.
  • Collectables: Search around and you might find something worth collecting. Maybe you can earn some collectables too.
  • Cats, Dogs & Birds: What's the deal with these animals?
  • Length: This is a short game.






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Demo and updated screenshots added

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