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I'm looking for a Marketing Investor.

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I'm seeking an investment partner who is able to front $2000 USD & do light weight basic marketing for my game, in exchange for a 20% Stake Holdings in a 1~2 Year Term Partial Ownership Agreement, With $X2(double) Investment Return using a 66% Monthly Payout until the($X2 Investment)$4000 is made, *additionally paying another 20% of the total income made from sells until end of term length agreed upon.

Example(The game grosses a profit of $12k USD by the end of the year you'll be paid, -2000+4000+$2400*= $4400(6.4k), for a 1 year long term, the *additional payment varying depending on game sells set at 20%, with me covering steams cut, meaning 12k, would be about 9k-taxes, leaving about 50% for both of us around 4.4k more or less.

Both aspects of Investment & Marketing are required, however the amount of marketing done will reflect in the 20% price.
You can choose to do no direct marketing, receiving 0% *additional payment, or partially fulfill the next four requirements.

Monthly, what is expected, each point representing 5%, example 12 months of #1=5%, or 6 months of #1 & #2 each = 5%.
1. Finding both a Let's Play/Streamer & Critical Gameplay Reviewer do make a(single) video for their viewer bases.
2.Follow Twitch, or other media platforms of your choice, posting about the game, trafficking users to the store page.
3.Sending emails/other messages to people, advertising the game & it's latest updates/content releasing information.
4.Additional marketing you can show that isn't covered by the above 3 #s as valid work/time spend on the endeavor.


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