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I was looking for side doors and i didn't find any, so i made them.
Here they are, free to use. (Only credit Enterbrain because i don't want any trouble).
Find Them Here and for XP.

Opening Preview: 781516038_SideDoor1Left.gif.c984ade06ee354939b1bbf357013cefd.gif698124099_SideDoor2Left.gif.929948749f9fb2c55e596675b4b7f09f.gif988337201_SideDoor3Left.gif.5ee179f3e29e6870f4f3bcb10e37b62c.gif

They are in both left and right sides.



!XPAnimatedSideDoors2.png.2ae72bbb20f0c53840461bca5b62aa48.png !XPAnimatedSideDoors1.png.9008a9c75c67adef263976f79d7e1c4c.png

Plus Sprites With Shadows

!XPAnimatedSideDoors2WithShadows.png.ca56474f81ef674689dcca82f300a993.png !XPAnimatedSideDoors1WithShadows.png.9a8848e2998d8ce0e8c51c1f7e472d40.png

RPG Maker VX ACE - XP Animated Side Doors.rar


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Nice, very nice.

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