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Astromid demo version
RPG Maker 2003
Leagune: Eng
23,6 MB




Hello. Today I am sharing a demo of my next game titled Astromid. On which I have been working for some time.
This title. completely presents itself in the style of GBS, where I wanted to bring the game closer, so that it looks like those that were released on consoles
in the good old days.

An astronaut, sent by Earth's space station. traverses the galactic paths to find a planet. On which, in the future
it will be possible for humans to settle there, in order to get rid of the corporate companies that have taken control of Earth.
In the course of the journey, unfortunately, he runs into a rain of asteroids, destroying the Conestoga 1620 rocket.

He is forced to land on the nearest planet. Having no idea what awaits him on it.
An astronaut, he must find the space station to regain communication with earth, and collect parts of the crashed ship in order to repair it
and get off the unknown planet.

The game is divided into different types of challenges, each of which has several arenas to go through:

[1.] Avoiding enemies and collecting points.
[2.] Places that can be entered only once, with no way to return.
[3.] Moving boxes to designated locations (random boxes to a random location and specific boxes to a specific location).
[4.] Collecting oxygen cylinders to survive to exit the underground.
[5.] Skirmish with the Boss, consisting of three different phases during the skirmish.

After passing all arenas - the player unlocks time trials. - Where he can pass all the arenas from scratch, except that instead of earning a certain number of points, he must fit in time by completing the arena.

To make the gameplay not boring. I introduced skins that will allow you to change the appearance of the player so that only one cosmonaut charset does not run.

For each skin there are specific guidelines that must be met to use it. And you can check the whole list in a special "task log" in the game options.

Tell me about any bugs or problems in the comments or report them to me by writing to rubin.maker@gmail.com , and I will fix them as soon as possible!





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