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Editing HP Bars (thickness)

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Hello, I've been working on a project for a few months now and I'm running into an issue with my status gauges. I've converted my game to 1080 and blown up all of my pixels to give it a high def pixel game look, and for the most part I've been able to scale up the fonts and spacing for all of the menus to match. The one thing I can't seem to fix is the HP bars.


I've figured out how to spread them out and make the wider by editing the parameters in the windows section, but I can't find anything that defines the thickness of the gauges.




I'm really new to JS so I'm sure there's something I'm overlooking.

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Window_Base.prototype.drawGauge = function(x, y, width, rate, color1, color2) {
    var fillW = Math.floor(width * rate);
    var gaugeY = y + this.lineHeight() - 8;
    this.contents.fillRect(x, gaugeY, width, 6, this.gaugeBackColor());
    this.contents.gradientFillRect(x, gaugeY, fillW, 6, color1, color2);


Do you see that number 6 shows up twice there? Just replace it with whatever your preferred height is.

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We should call your Kyonecros am I right?

The dude made this request what... over 4 months ago now? He has a single post (the one above) and hasn't been seen online since late October.

This forum is more dead than your ability to read times. Save-Point actually has far more activity. I'm about the only semi-active person left.

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It's good to leave actual answers to their coding problems. Since a necropost here isn't harmful at all, I don't mind leaving some piece of advice behind for those future visitors that want to improve their coding knowledge.

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