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(Rated T) Fantasia ~Surreal Cosmic Progeny

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This game may not be for everyone, please read the Crazy Chimp Collective Tolerance Advisory for more information!


The very fabric of reality begins to fray as conflict spreads to engulf the realm, its erstwhile rulers fade and wend t'wards the morrow- bleak and despoiled.

Ever traveling, searching for a way to avert the coming of the end. Planets, Stars and Moons all do naught but make it seem in vain. Do not forsake it, the legacy they leave you.

A calamity comes to serve as shallow comfort in lieu of cosmic deletion. A bitter choice between a transient existence and an infinite hell.

In that morass of sadness and sacrifice, find your truth. Use that truth to lead the way that others may follow.

Demo Coming December 2022


Raised by a single father from youth to the cusp of Womanhood, three girls enjoy a life of luxury on an unusually shaped Island on a World called Vahnus.

One day, one of the Sisters notices the Sun of their world is shrinking, but despite a track record of being wrong in terms of apocalyptic prophecy, she is not given much credit. But it isn't long before she and her sisters find themselves plunged deep within a conspiracy that is bigger than all of them. The Sun Soon would set on this mortal world.

A compelling onslaught of tricky twists, trifling turns and charming tirades. This is Project Fantasia.



In a universe similar to our own but different in many ways, awaits a menagerie of magnificent worlds to explore and peoples to meet. The rules of the cosmos are strange, yet can be bet or broken... A malleable form from which only the secrecy of its nature stops it from being a utopia. The administrators who are often refered to as "The Twins" deem this universe a mistake, and seek to rectify it's deviation.

Of monkeys and fae, of elves and gods. The world is a fantastical blend of sci-fi and culture pronounced in a way that feels genuine and yet alien.



The features are many and the bullet-hell combat is an intense ride with magnetic music and crazy mechanics to help up the ante! However, if you don't wish to be challenged to a degree you can't yet face, there exists a story mode to help make the story more prominent.

- Fast-paced action combat, with lots of bullets, color mechanics, maneuvers and gear progression to make it more manageable.
- Relatable well thought out characters with a lot of dynamic appeal and charm.
-Intense conspiracy-based story that grounds the game from the first moment and keeps you there to the last.
-Explore several planets and recruit heroes to join in the Final Battle of Freedom, some places and heroes you may recognize, some... not so much!
-Alike most of the CCC's games, we intend Fantasia to be easy to grasp even if you've never played one of the others in our line-up.
-Well thought out cinematics that have pushed my abilities (and Vegas Pro's stability) to their limits.
-A Brilliant Musical Score by a Composer who is incredibly talented.



714193207_PamphletLumi.thumb.png.bc6b4c48b44f24ca4e24f09462129dc7.png748957935_PamphletKoko.thumb.png.7ae12d4db894c23f80e46d59194054f5.png807424716_PamphletLilac.thumb.png.7d0adfbc9cb6f26d9c50935673be43ea.png 435772844_PamphletSacreblu.thumb.png.08f821df7dd292c980c98e5031ef46d6.png



"You lost the moment you let her live."

"Above the jungles of Haven floats Spaceport 9, upon which a crisis recently occurred!"

"There is no mercy Power thinks to harbor, you... are on your own."

"A visit to the past reveals the trauma a decade suppressed."

"An instigator, but not an assassin."

"The Ruler of Wisdom questions the authenticity of an Evil God's words."

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Here is a bunch of the wacky characters you may meet on your journey!







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Just one of several optional events coming to Demo 3!


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Currently working on the Optional Events of Byteopia. I've done three since this one, but this one fairly well sets the tone.

Draik, Morzan, and all of the moons, suns and single-location planets are done.

Oh, and here's the kind of cruelty the superboss characters have at their disposal!

Yeah, this game doesn't pull punches, lel.

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Outside of the one Surreal Difficulty, Haven and Zirkov are both done!

In addition... Postmartia, outside of two more intense events, is also done!

Just 39 events remaining.

Updated Roadmap

Here's some previews!




I also did this small optional event cinematic for one of Postmartia's events which needed the gravitas.

Polaris Arrival

That's all for now~!

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This year has probably been one of the most productive since 2015. The sheer magnitude of work I started with, compared to the pittance that now remains manages to even make me feel good. Between the open beta weekend where I finished 50 or so maps within a few days. To going from 116 optional planetary events to the point where now only 25 remain, and it's taken only 3 months.

39 optional events per month, at a rate of over one per day.

This last 30 days has been immensely productive. With an absolute swathe of planetary events being knocked out of the park, we started with zero progress on anything other than one shots, now we're almost finished. With 2 scenes left for Galaxia and 4 for Tekerlek.

Over the weekend I took a break to stave off some mild though very expected burn out, and to process legal forms to keep the place I'm living in. The forms as of today (monday) have been lodged so now I have but to wait for the hearing to be arranged.

Xiie should be back about any day now, Pjcr has finished submitting the Xeltara and is now onto Lilith.

The final pose and two facial expressions. Tonight i will implement them and see about finishing off the galaxion scene events. Now after a break I'm keyed to get back to work. I intend to change my routine back to my shitty hot topic vampire variety as the Australian summer gorws in intensity.

So... Will we be done in time?

The influx of files Pjcr has been sending is great, but not nearly fast enough. There is still much to submit and Pjcr having reliable net will not magically fix everything. At the current rate we're looking at a march 14th release instead, which is bad and far from schedule, but this is actually good news.

With Xiie back in the game soon, she too will have a hard time catching up to present demand, even with the absolute hoard of files she's worked on, there is much i have not been able to get her to make for lack of context and her internet being too poor to accept image files.

That's nothing to say of my own progress, while yes, if all events left were merely scenes, I could easily make the deadline, but only 6 of the remaining events are scenes, the remaining 19 are boss fights from medium, to hard, to surreal difficulty. This is also the disk where the first of four superbosses becomes available, rated on the INSANE difficulty. While there are exceptions, these difficulties for players also match up relatively well with the effort and difficulty of production for me to develop. There's also a lot of interface upgrades to be implemented, such as rewards. That's not to mention the custom VA these optional bossfights will necessitate, and given the line up of professional VAs i have for many of these characters, and my limited fortnightly budget, it may just be infeasible to release this game on December as originally promised.

So... what will happen?

The December Delta Build

Demo 3 has already had an Alpha, and a beta as was the weekend in Janurary this year, so when did Gamma happen?

Gamma was a closed doors build that nobody actually got to try because it got cancelled for a fairly valid reason. it was scheduled for June 6 but it was one day earlier that my PC bricked.

So I decided to just move on ahead, planning a delta build in november, but this would leave only a month for testers, and my breaker is very thorough and a month is simply not enough time, this game is too massive.

So putting all things in perspective, moving the delta build to december seems like a fair concillation for a failure to release this year, which leaves Demo 3's release a few months to really get things airtight, and ensure all placeholders are more or less a thing of the past.

This would mean Demo 3 would release on 3/14 and our 10th anniversary, the game will also be put on steam, as "early access", the full game should be ready in about a year from then.

Avoiding the Problematic Crunch of Rush
The release of Fantasia Demo 2 didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked. The writing felt disconnected and jarring, and a lot of what was going on made less sense than more- that is where Re-Write came in.

Looking forward, no matter how many delays it takes, I refuse to rush the content. I want to create a game that doesn't need a Re-write patch to fix what should have been correct the first time around.

The only knowledge I had plans to release the game in December comes from the trailer, which is a mistake on my part. That said, there will be SOMETHING that happens in December, be it the Delta build, a Simian Scandal 9.5, or whatever else... I don't intend to say there will be something, only to welcome all who anticipated that with nothing.

If a miracle happens and my artists get me all the files I need, then maybe a December release will be possible. But that's seeming less and less likely with every day that passes. For the 12/12/22 release, all bets are pretty much off already, as that leaves us less than a month to finish everything. 12/22/22 is more plausible, but still unlikely. Doing this would also mean no QA from the delta build, as this would leave no time for a Delta Build to exist.

So in closing: It's more likely a Delta Build will release on the 22nd of December, giving delta testers a little under three months to give feedback, which should be enough. Me and my team can then focus on getting all the resources finished and implemented, while I have the budget to pay the voice actors for their contributions.

This would also give us something to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with, not only our first venture onto the steam platform, but a valuable release as well. If this is the path that ends up being taken, I intend to have the game finished completely before march, allowing me time to prep steam direct and get press material ready and some marketing and hype generation done.

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When working on a game of this scale, momentum is the only means of releasing. Thankfully once I get in the mode I don't stop until I pass out or get distracted enough to break form.

The game is my most ambitious yet. Ambitious as Perseverance Full Clearance was, it pales in comparison to the monster I'm creating here. This kinda became open-world before I'd realized it, and unlike a lot of "open world" games, I want there to be some things to do on each world, which is why there's been such a focus on planetary events.

Speaking of those: all but 4 are done scenes wise. Yes: I finished Galaxia.

Tonight I'll be gearing the S.S. Potassium tileset to work at the scale its artist (CoyoteCraft) intended.

He's yet to do the majority of detailing, he claims that should be done after next week.

Nothing new from Pjcr yet, and while Xiie has paid the outstanding balance her old ISP threw on her, it is in the process of being connected still.

As for me, I have some videos for the Postmartia events.

Pjcr's portraits for Xeltara have all been implemented and look stunning!

And here's some screenshots showing some of the work I did on Galaxia.

In preparation for Tekerlek I grabbed the old Battleship sprite my artist Apoc made for Menagerie and lightly edited it and added some recolors.
Second to the left from the top right is the S.S. Potassium. Top right is Baron Gadzoo's "Ruby Annihilator", second to the right from top-left is the Nadinean Seadrifter, the entire bottom row are so-far unknown ships, though the bottom right is likely to be a Havenian Judicator, with the black sailed ship with red markings likely belonging to another infamous pirate.

At this point I'm too lazy to add in thrusters, though I might grow the enthusiasm in the future.

For reference, the only one of these ships to have been given a legitimate concept or drawing is the S.S Potassium. featuring in Highwaymen of the Starlit Sea
I should mention that the only reason i left Tekerlek to last in the roadmap was due to the time the assets for this ship took to develop. It's been shown several times that the characters who star in this segment have plenty of good chemistry and I find it a joy to write them!

The events demanded a little editing, so here is the updated Roadmap with changes for tekerlek added. The bizarre obstacle course event was scrapped and the Anathema bossfight was added in its place and moved to the finale.

Updated Roadmap for Planetary Optional Events

Anathema has been planned to be a boss fight since before work on Disk 2 even began. The fact she has an intense music score / theme...

And entries in the database including a medal for impressing her prove that well enough.


Still dealing with burnout and a bizarre amount of inter-gestational wind that's making me somewhat uncomfortable so how long things will take to really get rolling again is anyone's guess at this point. But knowing me it won't take too long.

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Okay! As stated I began and finished the organization and implementation of the Pirateship tileset Coyote craft has been and still is working on, hence the lack of detailing so far.

Yarr harr, fiddle de dee!
But... that wasn't all!

For you see I have been doing a lot of recordings, and finally I decided to prop this one up with VA and unofficial music~!

Spite Vs Grace

Please enjoy it~!


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5 hours ago, Widen612 said:

oh man, lot to read also remind someone did like this too XD

Unless you're interested in the project's ongoing development, the first post is all you need to read. Hope that helps~!

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It seems after making around 100 optional events over a couple months burn out has finally decided to hit me!

More info in this vid:


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Took a while due to a busy weekend and burn out~ But I finished all of the Tekerlek Scene Events.

19 Events remain of 180 total.

In other words, only boss battle / obstacle course events to go! A milestone!

I'll complete as many as I can manage before December 22nd. No matter my progress, you will get a delta build!


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Due to taking a break, I only started working on things a couple hours ago. So far, a map for one of the two obstacle courses is nearing completion~!
It's for this event.

Oho~! Speaking of events, I suppose it's time I update the old road map and create a new~!
The last time you will see this longboi roadmap!5RftTYL.png

Now, we have this more fun-size thing~!
Not ticking off Zephyrra's event until it's finished! So far only the map for it is done.

Oh, and that brings me too today's...

Open Delta Weekend premiering on the 17th through to the 18th of December! The events above will not all be finished for it! But I'll do all I can in the week I have! (the last couple days will be for promo / trailer development / doing a playthrough to ensure there are no gamebreakers/soft locks like last time!)

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Bit late as accessing threads was impossible last night!


Demo 3 Delta Weekend has begun!

Get to the Itch.io page by clicking the image below!

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Work is being done. For now I'm mostly just fixing what my delta-testers find.

Though sometimes, I like to record certain scenes. This one is good because it goes some more into soul mechanics beyond the events with Esperia.

Also we see some of the Enma's more humane side here.

But, I did begin work on some of the optional boss fights. Starting with the most difficult one.


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New sprites were sent my way this morning. The kitsune Lily, the Queen of Shadows and Young Koko. All done by the talented Coyotecraft!

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Work proceeds apace on this little thing! Though i admit i am procrastinating hard on making the 17 boss fights!



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Well after suffering a good month or two of burn out, I'm finally getting my head back in the game, and just in time!

I got two of the boss fights done over the past two days. At this rate, I will actually make it for 3/14.

First off, a more slow paced fight with the Goblin Paladin: Gerald Gelati.

Giving Hope

Battle Against those the Gods Feared!

Fights like this are why I stopped making RPGs, there's no way to get that kind of intensity in a turn based or even active time battle system.

There's just something epic about seeing all these projectiles flutter around in such aggressive but routine patterns.

So the large sweep of laser bolts are done by Mayeena, it's called Tesla Barrage

The energy saber tosses are done by Adashi, an attack called Crimson Hurlbat

Meanwhile Orsa can perform two different slash attacks that both affect up to nine tiles, including orsa's own tile. A cardinal directions ability called Cross Slash, and a diagonal direction ability called X-Buster. These attacks are not telegraphed, so the best bet is to get to a knights position (as in chess) when Orsa stands still.

A one hit run is possible, but Orsa might make it rather difficult.

The Tesla Barrage is composed solely of BLUE projectiles, meaning so long as you are not moving, they can't hurt you.

Crimson Hurlbats alternate, and have large windows of time (5 seconds or so) between each one, making it fairly easy to keep clear of them.

Orsa's Cross Slash and X-Buster abilities are chosen at random, which can make the fight difficult to one-hit without proper footing. The diminutive size of the battle arena makes it difficult as well. The alternative to trying to get between Orsa's cardinals and diagonals is simple to lure him to do it on an edge and then get out of the potential range. which is over 2 tiles beyond Orsa. You will have to go into Orsa's cardinals to damage him, and he is the only one of the three that can be damaged.

The issue I see is that the fight does a lot to disorientate you. between Adashi teleporting around like a madman, to the huge amount of intersecting bullets, it should prove to be quite a tough one to no-hit. You can of course, use DEFEND or SKEDADDLE to avoid damage from both Orsa's attacks and Crimson Hurlbat.

I will be adding a DRIVE to this fight in form of a team attack, but I do not yet know what this will entail.

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The True Administrator

Here's what a Hard difficulty boss looks like.

14 remain.

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Yet another two of the boss fights done.

The Three Musketeers

Due to the amount of placeholders, I've decided to refrain from showing this next one in a video format. Here is some dope screenshots though!

Troublesome Trio of Trickery

Oh and, you may remember this from a while ago...
My, what good progress! As you can see, I've done 7, leaving only 12, and I've also numbered the order I intend to do them in.

Fatty Mclarge is next, then we're onto Anathema, that will finish Tekerlek. Then I'm jumping over to Byteopia to do the finale of those tournaments with Cid and Kyu. Once that is done all optional events in the Magenta Sector are finished.

Then my next list of orders are the optional bosses in Zen Aneia and Zen Nekoma, finishing which will complete all optional events in the Amethyst sector. leaving only the four fights in the Turquoise sector.

Then at last, I will do the last HARD difficulty fight, a duel with Kikiyo Kasanavi, then move onto the Surreal Obstacle course, clearing Postmartia. I'll then move over to Haven and give Catmum her surreal battle. After that point, all that remains is Xaramitsi who awaits on Zirkov.

Once I finish her, I'm done with all of the optional events for this disk at last! Then, I've gotta go and make Apophis Labs and Sanctuary. Ashe will get some events on Apophis Labs, I don't know much about Sanctuary yet.

I've also gotta do the unwinnable boss fight with Ashe the Enma. That will likely be the last thing I do.

My momentum of doing one bossfight a day has been good. If I keep it up at this rate I might actually be able to make it in time for 3/14.

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Welp, on my end... I might have done a crazy.

Yesterday, I did the Kikiyo boss fight as planned. Yet, because it was only four hours of time I spent on it, I still had loads of energy. So I went ahead and did the Surreal Difficulty optional event as well! Getting me ahead of schedule!

Bane of Polaris

All of her attacks are named after computing terms. Firewalls are obvious. The lasers are called Antivirus, and the yellow crescents are called Crescent.exe.

Screenshots from Surreal Obstacle Event.
I didn't feel like prepping a video for this one. it's best enjoyed in game, anyway.

Then, today... I got this done. Granted, due to some distractions and it just being a bloody crazy boss fight, it took about 10 hours.

The Apotropaic Goddess

R A I N B O W S !

So... With that done and dusted... you may wonder what is even left of the events.

Just the one. I will do it on the 9th.

After that, I have to do the impossible to win boss fight with Ashe the Enma. It will be done on the 10th.

On the 11th, I will do the final polishing stream, and fix the remaining errors, typos and such that DerVVuklfman laboriously jotted down.

On the 12th, I will be busy implementing VA and quite likely, all the portraits I don't yet have. This is also when I will do a full playthrough of the game in a timely manner to make sure there's no softlocks or game-breakers. if i have time, I will begin working and possibly even finish the release trailer for Demo 3.

On the 13th, I will produce the 3/14 video.

14th is release.

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A bit late, but Demo 3 is here! Check second post!

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A build will be coming out in mid April that will:
-Add in the Sanctuary and Apophis Labs areas unlocked by Svoli and Tristy respectively.
-Fix whatever bugs are found.
-Replace all placeholders with official artwork.
-Acquire Steam Support

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So this was meant to come out the same day as the game but i was exhausted so I put it off a good five days or so~

Here's the celebratory video, this 3/14 marks the 10th year of the Crazy Chimp Collective!

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