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(Rated T) Fantasia ~Surreal Cosmic Progeny

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I've been working a little here and there on the April build that will update all of the placeholders and some other stuff.

Some of said stuff is the inclusion of the two pieces of content i had to cut in order to make it on time, Apophis Labs is more or less done mapping and interface wise, just need to add some characters to the map, possibly an event or two.

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I figured I'll share some of the hardest boss fights in the game~ All optional.

Now with their official voice actors, wooo!


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Today I wish to talk about the content I had to cut from Demo 3.
Notably Apophis and Sanctuary.
Let's start with Apophis
The Asteroid That Threatened All Life On Earth
Apophis Labs is a laboratory perched on the Apophis asteroid, one that was previously predicted to hit Earth in 2029 but has since been the subject of more accurate readings that say it will miss us, if only barely.
It's quite likely M. F. Lazarus used this laboratory as a means to automate security tests on his labs via proximity ordinance. It is known that he also has at least two labs on Earth, one underneath Tristy's house, and another in the basement of Splode's bomb shop.
This place can only be visited after doing Tristy's third character-oriented optional event. Tristy, M.F. Lazarus, Lyza and Splode will be commonplace mainstays here, and later on will be accompanied by the Wizard and Mad E Lin (the latter in Disk 3)
More Screenshots!mq7992s.pngDon't go in the basement!
Now it's time I turn your attention to the other cut world I had to skip for Demo 3's launch.
Behind A Shield of Storms Lies Hope's Final Lifeline
Discovered by Svoli after she became a Ruler, she has invited members of her family here as well as the Angels of Hope. After doing all but one of the Haven optional events, Yasondre and Kyoshi will show up here too. Svana Mystralese will also show up here if you've done the first of Byteopia's missions.
The Sanctuary itself lies in the Heart of Jupiter, shielded and concealed from the outside world by a horrific stormshield.
In what seems like a complete inverse to Apophis, a dead rock carrying a lab of technology. Sanctuary is bursting with life and its structures are much more old fashioned.
Both areas were kinda just made up on the spot so Tristy and Svoli's icon-oriented event chains were not amiss an unlock. That is why these zones were not even made or had begun construction by Demo 3's launch.
The upside is it does give me a lot of fun work to do!
More Images of SanctuaryEDsaJyH.png

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Been doing some rewriting of some scenes and have some vids to show for it.

Ruler Exposition

This scene used to be very different. I realized I hadn't done much to set up Rulers or explain Sin Power, so now I have that covered. The way this scene went before kind of doesn't work anymore.

Heartbroken Guardian Angel

Another huge rewrite to this scene, now it flows naturally and the reactions seem more in line with the characters.

Pink Menace

This scene was more or less entirely re-written as well, Fyori's point is much easier to understand now.

The High Courtesan

This scene hasn't changed at all, but i never did a recording of it. Until now~ This is one of the only times where you can meet Lilith before the end of Disk 2.

So yea~ I been pretty productive.

I've also been working on the flavor events for Apophis Labs and Sanctuary

Lazarus and the Labrat

Blubberhead's Burgers

Rolly is in the kitchen. Things sure do happen!

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Started implementing in-battle dialogue text to correspond with certain voice acted lines.

This system will likely be handy for other things too, such as displaying map names. (properly)

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Posted (edited)

The vocal battle dialogue has been implemented in every boss fight and adjusted to best compensate the viewer.

I also recently while watching my friend Siletrea streme the game, found the root cause of the lag in the Akra Olna bossfight.

It now runs smooth as butter.


In other news, I also got a lot of scenes for Apophis Labs and Sanctuary complete.


These two were probably my favorites.

Some other scenes I decided to make a video showcase for:

And last but from from least, I finalized the Anime Opening for the game!

Edited by Remi-Chan

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Been a while, and I do have quite some updates!

First, I did some updates to dialogue in Rise of the Avian regarding the main cast of Fowlhunters, which now better reflects the situation they are in.

Their portraits are at present still placeholder, don't mind none.

Then Pjcr got me some of the portraits for Mad E Lin. A character who we might see more of later. I added some flavor dialogue with her to share these a little.


The portraits for the un-named Shadow Pixies are placeholders so far, basically assets from the Visual Novel Maker Runtime Package that have been recolored and edited to function as placeholders for these characters.

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