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(Rated T) Fantasia ~Surreal Cosmic Progeny

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This game may not be for everyone, please read the Crazy Chimp Collective Tolerance Advisory for more information!


The very fabric of reality begins to fray as conflict spreads to engulf the realm, its erstwhile rulers fade and wend t'wards the morrow- bleak and despoiled.

Ever traveling, searching for a way to avert the coming of the end. Planets, Stars and Moons all do naught but make it seem in vain. Do not forsake it, the legacy they leave you.

A calamity comes to serve as shallow comfort in lieu of cosmic deletion. A bitter choice between a transient existence and an infinite hell.

In that morass of sadness and sacrifice, find your truth. Use that truth to lead the way that others may follow.

Demo Coming December 2022


Raised by a single father from youth to the cusp of Womanhood, three girls enjoy a life of luxury on an unusually shaped Island on a World called Vahnus.

One day, one of the Sisters notices the Sun of their world is shrinking, but despite a track record of being wrong in terms of apocalyptic prophecy, she is not given much credit. But it isn't long before she and her sisters find themselves plunged deep within a conspiracy that is bigger than all of them. The Sun Soon would set on this mortal world.

A compelling onslaught of tricky twists, trifling turns and charming tirades. This is Project Fantasia.



In a universe similar to our own but different in many ways, awaits a menagerie of magnificent worlds to explore and peoples to meet. The rules of the cosmos are strange, yet can be bet or broken... A malleable form from which only the secrecy of its nature stops it from being a utopia. The administrators who are often refered to as "The Twins" deem this universe a mistake, and seek to rectify it's deviation.

Of monkeys and fae, of elves and gods. The world is a fantastical blend of sci-fi and culture pronounced in a way that feels genuine and yet alien.



The features are many and the bullet-hell combat is an intense ride with magnetic music and crazy mechanics to help up the ante! However, if you don't wish to be challenged to a degree you can't yet face, there exists a story mode to help make the story more prominent.

- Fast-paced action combat, with lots of bullets, color mechanics, maneuvers and gear progression to make it more manageable.
- Relatable well thought out characters with a lot of dynamic appeal and charm.
-Intense conspiracy-based story that grounds the game from the first moment and keeps you there to the last.
-Explore several planets and recruit heroes to join in the Final Battle of Freedom, some places and heroes you may recognize, some... not so much!
-Alike most of the CCC's games, we intend Fantasia to be easy to grasp even if you've never played one of the others in our line-up.
-Well thought out cinematics that have pushed my abilities (and Vegas Pro's stability) to their limits.
-A Brilliant Musical Score by a Composer who is incredibly talented.



714193207_PamphletLumi.thumb.png.bc6b4c48b44f24ca4e24f09462129dc7.png748957935_PamphletKoko.thumb.png.7ae12d4db894c23f80e46d59194054f5.png807424716_PamphletLilac.thumb.png.7d0adfbc9cb6f26d9c50935673be43ea.png 435772844_PamphletSacreblu.thumb.png.08f821df7dd292c980c98e5031ef46d6.png



"You lost the moment you let her live."

"Above the jungles of Haven floats Spaceport 9, upon which a crisis recently occurred!"

"There is no mercy Power thinks to harbor, you... are on your own."

"A visit to the past reveals the trauma a decade suppressed."

"An instigator, but not an assassin."

"The Ruler of Wisdom questions the authenticity of an Evil God's words."

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Here is a bunch of the wacky characters you may meet on your journey!







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