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A super cooking RPG

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Ok, I have a GREAT idea, I think.  It would be REALLY time consuming and complicated, but I think in the end it might actually be a completely unique project.  So, here are the basic ideas:

The game would start with the main character coming down stairs in the morning.  His mother is making breakfast and asks him to help.  She needs three things: Eggs, Flour, and Milk.  In this, everything is a pretty standard fetch quest like the beginning of virtually every other RPG.  Eggs and flour will be relatively simple.  Eggs simply require that the character search piles of hay for hidden eggs (something anyone who's ever raised chickens knows happens more often than not).  The milk will require a milking minigame.  The flour will require the player to pick the wheat, then do a wheat grinding minigame.  The ingredients are brought to their mother, who uses them to make pancake batter.  She will then hand them the ingredients and have him do a pan frying mini-game!  This is to introduce one of the main aspects of the game:  Cooking!

There will be a major overarching storyline, but much like games like Pokemon, the storyline isn't actually the point of the game, but rather a means to draw the player to new areas to discover and grow.  The true central premise will be around Preparing and cooking food.  From start to finish, players will be able to manipulate ingredients for quality and suitability in specific recipes.  Hunting different creatures can lead to obtaining specialty ingredients (even special wood to use for the fire).

What's more, the object won't be to always get the high score in all the minigames and obtain all rare ingredients!  Some recipes require that an ingredient not be ripe, like Fried Green Tomatoes.  Some recipes will require the ingredients to be almost rotten, like bananas in a Banana Bread!  Flour might need to be ground at a lower score in order for it to be more coarse for Whole Wheat Bread, and actually usually will be best at a medium score.  Whipping heavy cream will also require a medium score in the mini-game as whipping cream to much will turn it into butter!

The quality of a dish will be graded based on the ingredients included, the preparation methods chosen, and the mini-game scores.  In the other aspects of the game, food will be a recovery item, and really just needs a basic level of competency to be useful in that regard.  The main character will be able to use a variety of weapons, and which weapons they use will effect the quality of the ingredients.  For instance, a club will be useful to make certain monster meat tender.  A knife may be needed to properly harvest more delicate meat.  Which sort of magic you use on different slimes will effect the quality of the gelatin you harvest.

As you play the game, there will be dialogue which effects secret scores, things like kindness, rudeness, intelligence, etc.  These scores will have an impact later in harvesting the rarest of ingredients.  The ultra rare ingredients will consider multiple factors when determining the final quality of the ingredient, sometimes even the results of a battle (weapons and party members used, how many rounds, etc).  Imagine this:  A rare fruit that requires A: A high kindness score, B: Main Character using a knife and knowing the Precision Cut skill, Harvested as early in the day as possible when it ripens, defeat of the guardian beast with nothing "shaky" which would be a secret quality on weapons and skills.

Normally I like to make everything I make free, but this would probably require a team at least a year to finish, even with so many ideas already in place.  That being said, I don't think anyone would hate the idea of paying for a game this complex.  Anyway, what do you think?  What sort of system would you use to build something like this?  Would this be something you would want to try working on?  (To be clear, this is not me recruiting, simply gauging interest as I am not in a position to even start working on it yet)


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