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i need help with 2 scripts - "Map Effects" Zoom Effect compatible with "Fixed Pictures to Map" Script?

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Hello everyone!
Fixed Pictures to Map by modern algebra works just fine by itself, but i need it to be compatible with Zeus81's Map Effects Zoom.

When i use the zoom effect, the pictures do not stay in place.. They still follow the player.

Gladly Zeus81 posted a "fix" additional script around line 490 by adding "@viewport2" to his script that looks like this:

class Spriteset_Map
  alias zeus_map_effects_update update
  def update
    @map_effects ||= Spriteset_Map_Effects.new(@viewport1, @viewport2)

This does fix the pictures from moving and in zoom mode, but it makes the pictures "lose" the priority they have to be above everything.. This is what i need to fix..


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