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Jingle Gates - Christmas-ish Puzzle Game

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A short Christmas puzzle game created for the Christmas game contest 2021, made in 24 non-consecutive hours.


Fazey, an expert gate builder, returns home after sending his letter. He meets Amilpha, one of his (if not the only) acquaintances, who convinces him that Santa Claus is evil and wants to steal all of his sweets.

And so they start this adventure in his home to seal off every route with gates, but they meet a bitter surprise...


A simpleton boy, expert in building doors and gates. Lives in a house that he keeps expanding day after day, to have more space to build even more gates.


Weird girl that stealthily lives in Fazey's home. He built an entire network of chimneys to easily move between rooms without encountering the owner.


Santa Claus?
Legends say that a certain "Santa Claus" enters your home every Christmas to steal your sweets, starting with milk and biscuits near the Christmas tree. But are those rumors true?


Jingle Gates is a puzzle game, where you need to build every gate in the level in order to continue.

What does it have to do with Christmas, you'll wonder.

Simple! … Uh- …right! There are also items like gifts to pick up to do some funny things, like jumping into fireplaces!

  • Wood: When you have wood and a hammer, you must build a gate when you go into a door.
  • Gift: You can move to the linked fireplace by using the gift.
  • Hammer: Used for building gates. When you build one, the hammer ends on the other side.
  • Cake: ??? (Not a lie)

There are 9 levels, scaling in difficulty.







108 Mb Standalone
Length: 40-60 minutes.
Game available both in English and Italian.

Edited by Waldorf
added more download info

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