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The Woozle arrives! (smol mustelid intensifies)

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Hi hi! I'm Cyberweasel89, or sometimes called "Woozle" by my friends. Veteran denizen of the Internet and an extrovert forced to live like an introvert. XD

I've been playing RPG Maker games since 2000. Even tried to make my own once, though it didn't get very far aside from early map and character designing.

I'd say my favorite RPG Maker game from back in the day was Romancing Walker. I have lots of fond memories of that game and I think it might've helped shape me into the woman I am today. The Reality Breakdown trilogy was also a huge part of my teenager years and I regret not finishing "Shadows of Evil: The Wings of Time" before Kamain's World went kablooey.

Most of my Internet work is in fanfiction, though. I'm on the team of six known as the "Cross-Brain," who write the popular One Piece fanfic "This Bites!"

I found this forum because of whispers of a potential sequel to Romancing Walker in the works with permission from FLARE. Just to be sure, I think I saw in another thread that there's a waiting period after my email activation is finished before I can edit my profile? I wanna look presentable, after all. XD

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Welcome to the forum.

i loved playing Romancing Walker. Like you have been playing since the early days.

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Hello and welcome! :D

You should be able to customize your profile now.

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