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alternate battle drop treasure screen

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so, I know that http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Extra_Enemy_Drops_VisuStella_MZ
plugins exist; however, I kind of don't like the treasure animations. Is there a way in this plugin to turn off the treasure animations?
I decided that I am going to be working on making a game for the next year or so.

I am trying to make a game without many plugins but, first off I just want it to be able to display icons when a player earns items or equipment after a battle:

"you found a \i[32]Sword. "

Again, I looked into the Visustella although it looks nice, I wanted to go with a retro treasure screen maybe similar to the likes of final fantasy 5 or 6.

Alternatively, the other way I would like to accomplish a treasure screen would be with 144x144 face images, although I would just break them into 144x144 pixel images individually:

I also edit a lot of my face tiles into individual 144x144 pixel images, so I wouldn't mind having a treasure loot screen with 4+possible drops stacked somewhat vertically that would be like.
144x144image: x1 Sky stone
144x144image: x2 potion
144x144 image x1 long sword
144x144 image +3000 gold
144x144 image +300exp

I really just wanted to give my game a somewhat retro feel, and I think things like this are definitely possible in rpg maker I just don't know how to accomplish it.

I also want to try setting up my own "steal" skill. but I might end up using visustella for that.

I'm listening to any advice regarding setting up common events for abilities and steal in particular.

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I don't pretend to give you hope on getting a direct answer, but I felt the need to ask you this: are you using a frontview or sideview battle system? Or some action BS?

Every single one of them would require a different approach depending on the BS and their custom functions.

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