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Question Rgarding Skill Rating/Turn No.

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With the Skill Rating. The first boss in the game has up to 5 moves, and I have his main attack set to a rating of 10, two are set to 8 with the remaining set to 4. Sometimes the game just says "1 hit" and ends his turn. He does this more than he uses his moves. Is that due to his skill ratings? I'm not entirely sure, so I'm asking here for help.

With the Turn No,  I understand that if I set it to 1 + 3, it'll be used on turns 1, 4, and 7. Every three turns. Could this also be why he does nothing at all? I'll screenshot of a few of his skills.




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From what I've been told (and what I remember) the skill ratings is the chance of a skill being picked.

It sort of works out as an odd based value.

If the first skill is at 4 then the enemy has a 1/4 chance of using that skill

The skills are picked from top to bottom.

Then the second skill has a 1/4 chance, the third a 1/8 chance, the forth a 1/10 chance and the fifth a 1/8 chance.

The odds of the fifth skill ever being used is minimal.


The help file says this

Success Rate

The rate (0 to 100%) at which the use of this skill succeeds. The actual success rate is affected by the skill's effectiveness against the target.

I don't play with the ratings as that usually just messes it up. I leave everything at the default 5 and just list them in the order I want the enemy to use with the most likely at the top.
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