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I never thought even I could make some music, but I don't know if mine would be too unpleasant to hear, so it takes me some courage to share them here :)


DoubleX - Everyone Turning Against You



Current version: 3rd(30 Apr 2023)


I just had a rather special dream in my sleep, although I already can't remember every last bit of its details precisely.


During this dream, I was watching a short movie, with its male protagonist suddenly being betrayed by just about everyone around him, including his beloved wife.

Even though it's clear to him that she was forced to do so, he still had to kill her personally to protect his sons and daughters, just as a slightly tragic melody started playing, with him recalling all the good memories with them within his family before this.

The situation ended up with total chaos and he was driven into total madness. Then I just woke up from the dream before I could watch the rest of the movie(that's why the melody's so short), but this doesn't feel like a nightmare to me, despite the fact that I slept quite poorly that night.


Because I want to remember that short melody, I composed this easy, simple and small song based on it, and it's done via 1BITGRADON within 8 hours.

I hope that this song, being my 1st published one, won't be too much of an earsore for too many of you :)


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