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Is this a fair price for my soundtrack? Poll closes on 6/23/2023 at 11:59 PM

Is this a fair price for my soundtrack? Poll closes on 6/23/2023 at 11:59 PM  

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I voted "no" because there's no "Maybe" option.  Have people who played your game commented on how much they like the music?
A quick glance at Steam has most soundtracks listed around $6 USD on average.  Very few go over $9.99, and this is with sellers taking into account Steam grabbing a cut of their sales.  I don't know how much time and effort you put into creating this music, so I'm not sure how much you're invested in it making a profit to make up for all of that labor.  That being said, a fair price is whatever people are willing to pay for the product.  I would actually advise putting a few select tracks on sites like Newgrounds, Youtube, and Soundcloud.  In the description, mention that they're tracks from the soundtrack from your new game title, available at wherever you are offering it.  Not only will this give you a chance to see whether people like your music, you will be actively advertising your game!
In the end, I think you may have to settle for offering a much discounted price.  You may have better luck instead offering a "deluxe" version of your game with some sort of badge or something, and a copy of the soundtrack included.  Some people will buy anything if it's a bundle, even if they wouldn't have bought the separate pieces otherwise.
Finally, I'll say that for me, you'd have to be an AMAZING composer for me to consider it worth buying your soundtrack.  There are very few composers like that, and the only one who I can think of off the top of my head is Nobuo Uematsu (there are a couple of others, but their names aren't popping into my head right now).  I'm not in the niche clientele who really loves gaming backdrop music, but I'd dare say I represent an "average" user:  I love music, I can find myself enamored with gaming music if it's done well enough, but it's not something I go out and seek.
I truly hope your game is successful.  I would really love to see more quality games being put out there.  Further, I hope that people rave about your soundtrack and you discover you can get even more from it than $10!  In the meantime, prepare for the harsh world that is the free market system, and hope that your time, effort, and talent have translated into high quality in the eyes of your consumers!  Good luck!

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If there's a guy that sells his soundtrack PACK for something around $10.00 and there's another one that only offers you like a couple of them, guess who will get preferred over the other by the patrons?

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I see. So based on Aslanemperor's input, on a blind purchase alone a soundtrack would be most likely to sell for an average of $6 and if we're being lucky, $9.99. Of course, I would like to optimize that luck and like kyondies hints at, most people would probably like to know what they are getting to or purchasing. It seems I have 2 reasonable courses of actions to take, well maybe a bit more. 

Anyways, thanks for your inputs.

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Posted (edited)

Well it's hard to say based on the fact you don't tell us how many songs are on it.

Generally speaking, the price varies wildly. The only OST I've ever sold which had 64 tracks was a dollar. We definitely coulda priced it higher, but all the osts are up on youtube and we know people could get the majority by cracking open the game's directory. I'd already paid my composer so it was just a matter of making a bit extra to help him out with the next OST he would do.

Homestuck's albums go on bandcamp for usually no more than 10 dollars, and usually those ones are utterly packed with songs.

Nowadays I pretty much give out the game OST for free as its more hassle to set up a page for selling it then it is to just include it as a nice bonus for the people interested.

But I might be a bad source of info seeing as I'm openly altruistic and do not hold any real desire to make money from what I do.

If you are selling the game, then the OST should really be either a package deal or very cheap.

If you are using the OST to pay for development of the game so the game itself can release free, then 10 dollars is pretty valid.

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