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Ambitious RPG

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my name is sandro im 24
im a biology student from portugal
i always works in the family business  , and now i also work for my self 
in the  area of education inside the financial market 
i love sports and practice karate and BJJ 
love music, writing, animes, series, etc.
im also a magician for more than 10 years

everything i learned about programing was by my self
i love games but there is always something missing
class system , abilities , weapons , relationship between me and my character or even npcs
my goal is to create something that  I'm proud of  and something that can solve all those problems
probably for other persons it dose not make sense , or the games are fine the way they are , but not for me and probably it seems a little bit ambitious and it is

i wanna build something with time
add content when ever i can.
mostly i wanna create something that i would love to play ....... and show that to the world

that's why I'm trying  to form a team to help me on this journey , i know how to program, and write .....but I'm not good at all when we are talking about creating maps for example

all the help are welcome even a programmer or a writer

i just wanna give live to this game

( i have a discord server, where i show the majority of the things that i have already done PM if you wanna know more ) 

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I'm currently working on an ambitious horror concept in rpgmaker  and I could use a programmer to drag the game to the next step. If u feel Interested please let me know or email me @madguy24@hotmail.nl 

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