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Flight: Nymphian Dreamway of Esoteric Yearning Fantasy

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Just a small project I started working on a few days ago while i await the return of my two artists. So far it's been coming along super well and seems likely I'll have a playable demo ready within a week or two. This will not be a big ambitious game like Fantasia. It will be a game i can feasibly finish in a few months of downtime on other projects. It's a game i also have sorely needed to make as it is in this game where Fyori meets Mad E. Lin and later Esperia, an that relationship becomes a thing.

Fyori and Esperia's relationship is one of the most explored and center-stage in the games both of them are in. It was a tad weird then that the beginnings of that relationship were basically situated in some borderline non-canonical apocrypha in a google document.

So this game will explore the dynamic of both those relationships as well as how Fyori grew as the individual she becomes to be later.

Story and World

The game takes place primarily on Spriteopia. A world my games have already visited numerous times in the past. This world of it will be much more complete however. The game's name of "Flight" comes from the skyward-sword inspired world map where you can fly down to different islands and descend down layers, going all the way down the strathosphere until you reach the Dark Void, a labyrinthine series of tunnels and structures which serves as the home of the Shadow Pixies. The second half of the game will take place in a tunnel of yearning Fyori creates to find Esperia who she remembers from a certain encounter in Menagerie. This will be basically an excuse to make whatever I want to make. All I know right now is the first boss of this arc will be Kloe, who agrees to help Fyori find Esperia, knowing Esperia could use a good friend about now.

Boundless and beautiful, the world has a cozy comfy faerie vibe and I love it.


The titular protagonist of the game. After defeating the Anarchic Annihilator during the era of the Menagerie, she retired to Spriteopia under her Mother Blu's instruction. Unbenknownst to her, this would be an utterly boring retirement lacking the surprises and suspense Fyori had come to treasure in the adventure that came before. Suffering this torment for a century, Fyori finally takes charge after learning one of her old friends from that Era has mysteriously disappeared from the timeline. While her supposed goal is to get to the bottom of it, realistically she just wants an excuse to go out and explore and find adventure. Blu allows her to be the free spirit she wants so long as she doesn't leave the planet.

Mad E. Lin
A shadow pixie Fyori finds in a chest at the end of a Forgotten Temple full of Dark Faeries and other Youkai.mad E. Lin tends to shift from raging tempest of loud destruction to calm zephyr of contemplative wonderment from one moment to the next. She claims to be the Heiress of Shadows, and that she was hiding in the chest to get out of doing chores that her mother keeps dumping on her. While the reception is rocky, mad E. Lin warms up to Fyori when she realizes Fyori has no real allegience with her mother and simply wishes to have an adventure. They team up with the end goal being for Fyori to try and make Mad's life a bit easier by using her political influence as Queen of Spriteopia to make some sort of compromise.

Mad does not fight in combat, not because she cannot fight. The opposite is true, in that she would make things too easy. Fyori accepts this, having been almost killed by one of her attacks, and is happy to have company that isn't sedated to all hell or an Aspect making a play at motherhood.


I've already more or less gotten a good handle of this. All that remains is for enemies to drop items and ribbons occasionally. This can be done, i just haven't implemented it yet.

I have a video which shows the core bullet-hell combat and what a boss fight can look like.

All in all, I'm very happy with how smooth and fun the combat is turning out.

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Video embeds working again, post updated in response.

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