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XS - Item Level Up

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Item Level Up

Version: 1.0


This snippets enables you to gain a specific item, weapon or armor each time the actor level up. You can control the amount using a variable ingame. Last but not least you can also turn on the radomized feature which allows you to gain a random item instead. This does requires XS - Random Items and should be placed above this script.



  • Gain a item each time the actor level up.
  • Control the amount using a variable.
  • Randomized feature.
  • Can be enable/disabled using a switch.
  • And more!




How to Use

Instructions how to use it can be find inside the script.

To install this script, open up your script editor and copy/paste this script to an open slot below Materials but above Main. Remember to save.



Get the script here.



None yet.



Do credit me, Nicke, if you are planing on using this script. Thanks.

Can be use in a commercial project.

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I am sorry to bother you, I am a beginner to use RPG MAKER VX ACE. I am a bit confuse how to activate the script after paste it. If it possible can you put a demo?

Edited by hamy

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can you make updates that it learn based on class too. for example when warrior reach lv 99(master level) he will recieve master item (Gungnir).

and notetags at classes could be nice too if possible. just a suggestion though.

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