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Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

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Legends of an Otherworld
Legends of an Otherworld is an RPG Maker VX Ace project, with the strongest focus being on gameplay. If you're after a compelling story and beautiful custom graphics, look elsewhere. If you're after a challenging game that requires careful skill selection, good equipment setups, and so on, you've found the right game.


The gameplay of Legends of an Otherworld is significantly inspired by that of Final Fantasy, and in particular, Final Fantasy X. Those who are familiar in depth with Final Fantasy X's stat mechanics, equipment system and battle system will have little trouble figuring their way around Legends of an Otherworld's systems, even though they do have several differences. However, the difficulty is much higher - the difficulty of a standard playthrough of Legends of an Otherworld is comparable to some of the more-advanced challenge runs on Final Fantasy X. Grinding will only get you so far; strategy is vital. And there's plenty of optional content for even more challenge, if the main game isn't enough for you.

Current version: Version 026b

Two young girls, Tara and Leanna, awake to find themselves in a strange place, some kind of cave unlike anything they've seen before. The only thing on their mind - get out, and get home. However, between the emergence of a connection between this strange cave and an almost-forgotten ancient legend, significant pressure from their hometown's ruler to investigate, and the actions of a crazy power-thirsty cult; Tara and Leanna can do little to avoid being sucked into a quest that many wouldn't even acknowledge existed...

And so, the legend begins...

Tara Ascira
A young fighter from Saria and the main character of Legends of an Otherworld: Curse of Saria. She can be playful at times but is generally a very mature and serious person for her age.

Leanna Haysworth
Tara's best friend and cousin, also a fighter. Unlike Tara, she is always in a fun-loving mood and sometimes finds it hard to take anything seriously, but is very reliable when she needs to be.

Harley Ryder
A white mage from the town of Nyatta. He is a very down-to-earth type who likes to know everything about everything, and spends most of his time investigating legends and mysteries.

Amanda Surugie
A black mage from Nyatta. Despite her young age, she is very grown-up, and is the main protector of the town. She often works with Harley on his investigations but prefers working alone.

Ivy Sorra
A mysterious blue mage. She tends to be very much the quiet type who usually keeps to herself. She is very interested in monsters, perhaps being the reason she became a blue mage.

Alicia Bascoe
A secretive young girl trained as both a thief and a ninja. She is excessively overconfident, partly but not completely justified by her high level of fighting skill. Her hatred of the ancient legends goes beyond just disbelief, almost as if it's personal in some way...

And more...


I'll spoiler tag these to save a bit of space. They contain, at worst, extremely mild spoilers.


Map Images















Battle Images



Scan the enemy to reveal more information about them.


Blue magic works in a unique way. Instead of directly costing MP, you must charge BP and use that to cast it. The advantage is that Blue Magic is generally very powerful, or otherwise very useful.


Scanning can reveal status vulnerabilities too.


Battle Video (Mild strategy spoilers for an early-game boss)



Another battle video. Spoilers for a boss (still an early-game one) often considered to be a roadblock.




  • CTB Battle System
  • "Ability" system in place of armor
  • AP-based flexible skill learning
  • Complex enemy AI. See below for more info.
  • A LOT of gameplay. One LP'er has worked up a 40 hour savefile, still hasn't completed all available content, and there's still a bit more content to come.

About the Enemy AI, I felt the default options were far from sufficient, so this game features a system in which some enemies (many, especially random encounters, do still use the default system) determine their moves from a script rather than the default condition+priority=action method. This allows for smart use of status spells, more complex patterns, and so on. To give one example, an early-game boss will cast Cure only on an ally who'll actually benefit from it, and will heal herself of Silence after 3 turns the first time, and 2 turns after that. Another enemy, an optional boss, will counterattack with random status effects, but never one that the target already has - and he'll use Darkness first if he was hit with a physical attack, and Silence first if it was a magical attack. One of the bosses around the middle makes VERY smart use of Haste and Regen, and will stop casting Cure when inflicted with Zombie. These are just some examples of the complex AI found in this game (of course, not every enemy has such a complex pattern, some are very simple).

Content Warnings
The content in this game is pretty mild, shouldn't offend most people. There's a bit of harsh language here and there, but that's about it. (Now, whether the difficulty may offend people is another matter...)

I hope this is everyone. If I've missed anything, feel free to point it out!
Enterbrain - This one's obvious. RMVXA itself, as well as the default scripts and RTP resources, and the Samurai Addon Pack.
Ninjamida - Well, it's my game... so pretty much all the game design. And about half of the custom scripts.
Yanfly - The other half of the custom scripts. All freely released ones.
Thalzon - HEAPS of freely-released battler sprites. You're a legend, dude.
PentagonBuddy - Freely-released battler sprites.
Scinaya - Freely-released battler sprites.
Alt_Jack - Freely-released battler sprites.
Geluf - Freely-released music.
Geowolf - Freely-released music.
Squaresoft/Square-Enix - Final Fantasy, especially Final Fantasy X, was a huge inspiration to this game. So I feel credit is due there.

No, Link isn't in this game sorry.
...okay, that was a terrible joke. Here you go:

Download V026b

Steam Workshop
Official Facebook Page

Requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP

Save files from recent demo versions (V020 or newer) will work fine on the full game.

LPs, Guides, etc
If you want to make an LP of this game, write a guide for it, whatever... go ahead! You don't need to ask me first. 😃 However, I would love to see it, so please let me know about it!


Known LPs:
SentinelProxima's LP (All storyline content except final bosses, most sidequest content, and a low-level-game side series that's currently up to about the halfway point of the game)




Edited by Ninjamida
Working on adding new images.

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Content Warnings

The content in this game is pretty mild. There are somewhat strong religious themes, including atheistic views expressed by some characters...

Does "strong religious themes" or "atheistic views" really necessitate a content warning? The devil-worshipping part is a fair warning, and is normally labeled as "occult themes". But there's nothing particularly inordinary about religion or atheism. It is the 21st century, after all. Any extreme content related to either would be suitably covered by "occult themes", as neither religion by itself nor the lack thereof are considered by the mainstream as harmful to minors in any way.


Anyway, I didn't jump in just to rain on your parade--actually I'm going to try this out and post feedback later. :)

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:o Started Playing: July 8, 2012 : First conversation scene should have a very soft background music dude, it creeps me out when its so silent...

Not too shabby for a game, looks promising in fact...

Introduction caught my interest, well done

Very informative tutorials...

What surprised me (for now) is how they escape one by one...

Continued playing the game. . . . . . :D

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-The encounter rate for the first dungeon in the game seems a bit high. I really wanted an autobattle command by the second floor.

-Unpleasant first dungeon design.

-This is quite nitpicky, but you may want to change the name or at least the abbreviation of money. I keep thinking I earn thousands after a battle ends. Use something without a K in it. ;)


Sorry, I gave up. >.< Ran out of potions before I was able to find the way out of the first dungeon. In that time, wandering around and getting mobbed by enemies, my characters had gained 5 levels--might want to check balancing, unless that was your intention.

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I kinda agree about the encounter rate in that first dungeon, to be honest. Might cut it down in future.

The first dungeon is MEANT to be weirdly designed.

You're the first person to mention that about the money. But it is an interesting thought. Still, at least the expression of "Kx" is global, you'd also therefore think of the costs of stuff in thousands too. So it just sounds like huge amounts of money always changing hands. xDDD


I usually find myself hitting Lv5 a bit later than the first dungeon, although I do also tend to play low-levelled as I've said. Either way, some of the bosses remain surprisingly hard even at higher levels (the final boss in this demo, while beatable without any reliance on luck or rare items as low as Lv18-ish, one of my IRL friends had trouble with at average Lv30). Higher levels don't reward you nearly as much as better equipment and strategic use of abilities; so it's not a biggie. For example, the second boss isn't much harder at starting levels than at Lv5-6. However, lack of strategy WILL get you killed.

Edited by Ninjamida

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Well. Haven't had as much time to work on this lately, still been progressing ever so slowly though... I've replaced all the default animations with custom ones (still using RTP graphics, but not the default animations). I've also adjusted everyone's HP, a few characters are slightly worse off at lower levels but most are slightly better off. At higher levels, everyone is better off than they previously were, significantly so as levels get higher (Lv99 values are 1.65x what they were before, but the growth rate has been changed for everyone. Off the top of my head, Leanna and Amanda are slightly worse off until about Lv35ish, while everyone else is at least slightly better off from any point at which the difference is noticable.)


EDIT: And uploaded the game with the custom anims and this HP adjustment, as well as more new gameplay! A few small tweaks elsewhere as well (most notably, reduced encounter rate in the starting dungeon and Nyatta Forest, and a couple of new abilities for some characters). Links in the first post. One long-overdue fix: You can now change the target party of hit-all skills! =D

Edited by Ninjamida

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Finally, released an update! Adds only 30mins-1hr of storyline gameplay, but adds 45mins-1hr30 of sidequest gameplay as well, as well as several tweaks to the gameplay mechanics.


Saves are still backwards compatible, but I can't guarantee it 100% glitch-free for this update. I would reccomend starting a new game if you're not too far into it, but you're welcome to try. One point at which you definitely should not load an old save - if you have acquired the items from the guard before the Transient fight, but not actually beaten Transient yet. If you're at that point, beat Transient before updating.

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New update again.


Adds more gameplay, the game will adjust items in old-version saves to be in line with what's available (mostly just equipment - it doesn't take away any standard items), will repair glitched saves from the previous version by the Monster Hunter glitch, and the encounter rate has been reduced globally.


Links in the first post.

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V017A update has now been added. Seems I forgot to update things here for a while since the topic still referred to V014 (even though V014A, V015, V016 and V017 were also released).
Here are the changelogs for V015 onwards (I don't seem to have my notes on what was updated in V014A anymore). Note that all updates with a new number (ie: V015, V016 and V017, but not V014A or V017A) also contain new content.
Completing a certain part of the Monster Hunter sidequest at a certain time could lead to a storyline event not triggering, thus preventing further progress; this was fixed in V015.
Switching characters in-battle is now possible.
AP level cap is now applied on a per-character basis rather than to the party as a whole.
If you're underlevelled for the monster you're fighting you gain more EXP, and if overlevelled, less.
AP level cap now results in a gradual drop-off rather than instantly none if your level is too high.
Alicia's "Mix" skill now works.
Critical hit bonuses from weapons no longer apply to items (only to physical attacks).
All status effects that previously lasted 7 turns now last only 5, except Regen which is now 10.
Dispel/Dispona used by enemies previously bypassed Reflect but didn't actually remove it. It now removes it like it should. (Dispel/Dispona cast by your characters always removed Reflect correctly.)
Blessing usually healed the wrong amount to the first character in the party, this is fixed.
It was possible to skip a segment of the storyline, which also resulted in missing a party member, this is now fixed.
V016+ cannot load save files from V015 or earlier.
Enemies would not counterattack if you reflected a spell off yourself instead of targetting them directly, this is now fixed.
V017 can load saves from the release version of V016; it cannot load saves from the debug version of V016. If you don't specifically know that you have the debug version, you don't have it, so you probably don't need to worry about this.
Stealing from a certain storyline boss would give a glitch item that can't be used/sold for anything (except used as a Mix ingredient but it didn't give any notable results). He now gives the correct intended item.
Examining bookshelves or talking to NPCs from below in the Yuvia Library almost always resulted in the game hanging in V017, this is now fixed.
Completing the events in Sysona would more often than not leave you stuck and unable to return to your balloon, this is now fixed.
V017A can load saves from V016 or V017.
Updated links:
( Removed as superceeded by V017B, see original post )

Edited by Ninjamida

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i'm so interested. let's get a demo, yea!?

There's a demo link in both the latest update post and the original post. =)


Rather than the traditional "release a demo with a short extract of the game", I'm simply releasing it as "you can play everything that's been developed so far". I'd say the current demo is probably 65%-75% towards completion.

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i'm on it!


you know what makes this so much more enjoyable? you reference FFX quite a bit. i'll be playing through your demo using my playstation 3 bluetooth controller wirelessly. with the config i have on it, it's just like playing an RPG on my PS.

Edited by Calintz

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While FFX is the main inspiration for the game mechanics, there are a couple of in-game references to other FFs in there. One of my favorites is the FF6 reference in the second town (I'll leave it up to you to find it, though). =P


Another one, though not accessible yet (and this is an FFX reference); the Blue Mage can learn an attack called "Zanmato". It doesn't quite have the same effect as FFX's Zanmato, but the item that teaches it is called "Yojimbo's Blade". =D

Edited by Ninjamida

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Ah, an older version had this problem, I thought I had uploaded a fixed one.


7zip will extract it with no problem, but other managers (particularly the built-in one in Windows, and WinRAR) may have problems. I'll reupload so no one else has trouble; up to you whether you want to wait for that or grab 7zip to extract it. (The latter would be a smaller download.)


EDIT: Done, and links updated.

Edited by Ninjamida

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This is an excellent game and I wholeheartedly encourage others to try it out. I've played very few RPG Maker games that create extremely well-balanced and well thought out battles but this one hits the mark quite well. Many people could take a page from this book and learn how the battles are constructed.


With that said, I still need to beat this game. Although it's a shame that I can't carry over my progress, it's been so long since I tried this game out  that it's probably better that I restarted.

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Thanks! =)


I definitely put in the effort, though I ensure there's a few easier bosses here and there too (Spirit, Enchanter, Water Elemental are good examples of these) to give the player a bit of a rest. =)


I think the choice of a CTB battle system rather than ATB or Default helps a lot too in that regard. The default doesn't offer much opportunity for strategy, since you get a limited amount of turns, often can't tell the order they'll come out in very well, and thus it doesn't encourage strategy to a huge degree. Likewise, in ATB you're generally rushing to enter your commands; while it does allow for more, it doesn't give the best amount of time to think. Both of them also have no real way, besides MP cost, of discouraging abuse of powerful moves (though there are exceptions especially in ATB systems, see FFX-2). With CTB, you have all the time you need to plan your next move, you can have faster and slower characters/enemies where it actually affects their number of turns, using a powerful move can delay your next turn more... <opinion>all reasons why CTB systems are simply the best</opinion>.

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