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Nagato Yuki


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Hi, RGSS3 takes 10 seconde to initialize midi and doesn't have bgm_pos function for midi files (it return 0) so I've converted Fmod Script for RGSS3...

Normaly it doesn't bug and the quality is equal but some functions have different names, e.g. bgm_pos is named bgm_position and you don't need to use script command by event for use this script. (Except for position and something else.)

As you probably know, you'll need Fmodex's DLL, so here is a link to this dll : url (sorry for using MU).

Script : FModEx.txt

Credit to Kevin Gadd.


Sory for my bad english.

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Audio.bgm_pos : "BGM ã®å†ç”Ÿä½ç½®ã‚’å–å¾—ã—ã¾ã™ã€‚ogg ã¾ãŸã¯ wav ã®å ´åˆã®ã¿æœ‰åŠ¹ã§ã™ã€‚有効ã§ãªã„å ´åˆã¯ 0 ã‚’è¿”ã—ã¾ã™ã€‚" It return bgm_pos if you play a wav or an ogg.

With FmodEx Audio.bgm_position return the bgm_pos whatever the bgm file format.

You can also set the bgm_position with the command "Audio.bgm_position= value" (in millisecond), get and set the volume in playing (Audio.bgm_volume) and set the loop point (usefull for midis but sometimes it make an horrible sound).

This script give you a better Audio gestion than the Audio module included in RGSS 3. (But I've just converted this script, the Audio module don't use all the FModEx function.)

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