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Mr. Bubble

woratana's Auto-Backup

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woratana's Auto-Backup - VXA/RGSS3

Created by woratana

Ported to RGSS3 by Mr. Bubble



I was working/tinkering with some scripts when the power in my house temporarily went out. While what I was working on was not lost (since I was using a separate editor), it reminded me that I used to always use woratana's data backup script in VX. So I decided to port it over to VX Ace for other people to use.


This script automatically backs up your project's data folder every time you start Play Test or Battle Test. It's a very simple procedure that will hopefully prevent lost progress when the "Unexpected File Format" error occurs.


Backwards compatibility with RMXP (rxdata) and RMVX (rvdata) has been removed. I just didn't think it was necessary since I'm only posting this script on this forum for VXA users anyway. If you're looking for XP/VX backup scripts, please look on the appropriate websites.






Paste this script into its own page within the "Materials" section in the script editor of your project.


How to Use

There are several options in the script, but it is otherwise plug-and-play.


If you are using the VXA Trial Version, the backup folder will still be deleted when the project is closed.


Terms and Conditions

Terms taken from woratana's 2009 Christmas Pack VX:


- All the scripts I wrote in this demo can be use in any free game for free.

As long as you give me a credit in your game.


- For the commercial project, please PM me if you want to use my script, or

e-mail to woratana@hotmail.com and we can talk about it.

- Keep in mind that I'm not expecting for money, but I'm expecting for free copy

of the game. :P



Credit to Mr. Bubble is not necessary.

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Oh sweet, I wasn't even aware there was a script like this for VX, thanks for porting it Mr Bubble, I'll definitely use it since I seem to bo good at getting the unexpected file format error.

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