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Enemy Reinforcements

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This script allows you to combine and remove troops from battle. You can add other troops to the current battle, or add individual enemies from other troops. This allows you to create battles with many enemies, and you have full control over how they should be positioned by setting up the sprites in another troop.


In a battle with multiple troops, you can also remove an entire troop from battle.


The purpose of this script is to allow you to set up your troops using the troop editor, and then add them to battles without having to worry about how to place them.






Get it at Hime Works




We begin with a troop




We would like to add more enemies to this battle, so we set up the second troop.

You will need to remember the "index" of each enemy, so it would be best to place them from left to right so.


In this example, the bat on the left is "enemy 1" and the bat on the right is "enemy 2", which is the order they were added.




Adding troops


The simplest way to introduce more enemies is to add an entire troop to the battle.

Use a script call

And the entire troop will be added to the battle




Adding enemies


If you only want to add specific enemies from another troop, you can use this script call

add_enemy(troop_id, index)


Removing troops


You can remove troops from battle. If a troop is to be removed, all enemies from that troop will disappear.  They are not "defeated" so you would not receive exp or gold from them. Use the script call

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It's just grabbing data from troops and putting it into the current battle so it shouldn't conflict.

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Then I can create a summoner skill by using the script call on a common event? or this is just to be used on the troop events?

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The script was done only with (troop) events in mind, but any event call should work as long as you are in battle. I don't know what happens if you are not in battle.


You are doing things like adding more enemies in a certain position without having to do any scripting or measurements (for accurate placement). Everything is done using built-in features.


You can use a common event to have enemies summon enemies into the current battle, placing the enemies in designated places.

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Hello! First of all I love this script! Its a life saver. I'm having a little trouble with it though!




Two enemies are called Left Arm Monster and Right Arm Monster, but only Left Arm Monster's name shows up when selecting targets, you can select this empty space and hit the Right arm monster, but its name isnt visible. Can you help me figure out what's causing this? 

Thanks in advance :)

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I like this script, but unfortunately the yami order gauge script don't show icons for these added enemies.


Somebody can help me for fix it?

Edited by thottee

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