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CSCA Treasure Maps v1.0

By: Casper Gaming (Casper667)

Last Update: July 12th, 2012




This script will add a treasure map scene where the player can view pictures located in Graphics/Pictures/TreasureMaps (case sensitive) after they have the item that corresponds with that picture. Example: Player gains item Treasure Map 1, they can then go to this menu and view a screenshot of where some hidden treasure is.



- Easily create a treasure maps window. Screenshot below.






How to Use

Place in your materials section. Setup required. Instructions in script.



Not needed.



Text file is found here(copy and paste everything into your script editor in the materials section): LINK

To easily add this script to the main menu, please use the CSCA Menu Organizer: LINK

Requires CSCA Core Script to work properly - Get it here!



Casper Gaming




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I've never played FF9 =x. It's similar to the treasure maps in Super Paper Mario. Each map is tied to an item, when the player has that item they can view the map. The image displayed is created by the user, so it could be a screenshot of a hidden treasure, or a traditional treasure map.

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This could really use a demo, I can't figure this out.


P.S. I paid the $ 74.99. I expect scripts to be presented in a way I can understand them. Or at least put in a demo game so I can figure out how they work.



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