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Mr. Bubble

Limit Sell Items to Buy Item Selections

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Limit Sell Items to Buy Item Selections - VXA/RGSS3

Original RMVX/RGSS2 script by Mithran

Ported to RMVXA/RGSS3 by Mr. Bubble



This script restricts the types of items the player can sell to a shop to only what the player can buy from the shop.


For example, if the player can only buy Potions from the shop, then the player can only sell Potions to the shop. Sellable item restrictions can optionally be turned off or on with a game switch.


Original script port request by Seiryuki.


Any comments regarding efficiency improvement, etc. are welcome.






Paste this script into its own page within the "Materials" section in the script editor of your project.


How to Use

This script contains a small customization module. Please read the comments thoroughly.


Terms and Conditions


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Thanks Mr. Bubble! I've been trying my all to convert this simple script. I'll take a look at what you did and test it with the Sell-Only Shop script.

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