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Victor Sant

VE - Character Effects

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Victor Engine - Character Effects





This scripts allows to set a different effects for the characters.

It’s possible to change the hue, opacity, zoom and tone from events vehicles, player and followers



Victor Engine - Character Effects





Author: Victor Sant


Terms of Use

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Wow, this is awesome.. it could help with cut scenes and such.. with like...expressing more through the effects.. like .. turn them red and make them swell a little when they're angry lol

Omg.. this would be a cool script to apply to other things... like monsters... why?

Cause then we could make things pixelated at their original resolution and just use the script to make them bigger in game... with this.. you could also reduce the data used if you do want to make a more pixelated retro like game... the project folder would be smaller... i dunno if any of that made any sense... but it's exciting to me.

Edited by Michael Ponder Jr

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