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Icon Balloons

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Icon balloons



This script displays a balloon above your character. It is the same idea as the default balloons, except it draws an icon.


The icons are still-images though.




Place the "Icon-Balloon.png" file inside Graphics/System


Script call:


show_icon_balloon(char_id, icon_index, wait?)


`char_id` is the character on the map (-1 = player, 0 = this event, 1+ is specific event ID)

`icon_index` is the index of the icon

`wait` is a boolean representing whether the game should wait until the balloon disappears




Script: Download here




There are three hardcoded methods in Sprite_Character






Each of them adds a new line to handle the icon balloon. If it is not compatible with your scripts because you are using animation scripts as well, just delete these three methods and modify your script to handle the icon balloon.



Edited by Tsukihime
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You forgot to add the superclass of Sprite_Character


class Sprite_Character < Sprite_Base

 alias :th_icon_balloon_initialize :initialize
 def (viewport, character = nil)
   @icon_balloon_duration = 0
th_icon_balloon_initialize(viewport, character)

 alias :th_icon_balloon_dispose :dispose
 def dispose

 alias :th_icon_balloon_update :update
 def update

Edited by Victor Sant

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Is there a difference between updating the balloon before or after the `setup_new_effect` call in `update`?

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Second - icons are just overlapping. Each time a different icon is shown, it shows ON TOP of the previous icon displayed. You not disposing them correctly? This script is pretty essential to my game, but I'm not able to use it 'cause of this bug so please look into it!

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