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Compass move commands

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Compass move commands



Set move commands based on the current "north" direction.

The north direction can be set in the move route using a script call.


For example, this allows your move routes to be based on the the player's current direction without writing cases for each direction.




So for example, suppose the following cases


North direction = up
  move_north = up
  move_south = down


North direction = left
  move_north = left
  move_south = right


The following methods are available


    -takes a numerical direction (2, 4, 6, 8) to specify the north dir
    -2 = down, 4 = left, 6 = right, 8 = up



Where `count` is the number of times you want to move in that direction




Script: http://db.tt/oxBX6LjG




These methods have been implemented in FP: Move Routes as well as Event Wrapper under the same method names.


I am also looking for a way to force the entire move route to be direction-relative rather than absolute, but it is not as straightforward as hardcoding some commands. Naturally, setting a flag would be a more useful approach because you could just add an extra script call to your existing move routes to make them direction-aware rather. And I wouldn't have to write direction-relative methods for every command.

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