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Perfect Password Protection (Title Screen)

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Perfect Password Protection




A simple script to enable password protection on game files by using

[x] actors name & nickname as a username & password (or two passwords),

This script will limit you to 3 save files, these saves will be in

Slots 2, 3 and 4.




- Password Protection on your games files.

- Slightly animated title screen

- Autosave feature.






How to Use

Usuall script instructions, full instructions are in the script and additional instructions are in the demo's script editor under "INSTRUCTIONS"





You can get the demo for this script and all updates by following this link to my blog.





None yet.


Credit and Thanks

- Dekita / DekitaRPG

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EDIT: i typed into the wrong reply box like a complete idiot (too many pages of this website opened at once lol)

Edited by Dektia

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So...are you storing the password anywhere?


the "passwords" are basically an actors name and nickname , they get stored in the save data, when your confirm a password it loads the selected file to check if the name u input matches the actors name/nickname , if its wrong it unloads the file . so yea it stores the password into the save data under an actors name and nickname :)

i thought it was quite ingenious for my limited scripting abilities lol

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Great script, its almost what i was looking for. It is possible to make it possible to enter your username and password with keyboard input? Its a pain to have to select each letter of username and password everytime you want to play the game. =/

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