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csca CSCA Core Script

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CSCA Core Script
By: Casper Gaming (Casper667)
Last update: May 16, 2013
Latest Version: 1.0.6

This script provides functions and classes used and shared by many different CSCA Scripts. This is REQUIRED by:

CSCA Colosseum - LINK
CSCA Dungeon Tools - LINK
CSCA Achievements - LINK
CSCA Encyclopedia - LINK
CSCA Treasure Maps - LINK
CSCA Vehicle System - LINK

CSCA Sidequests - LINK

How to Use
Place in your materials section. Make sure this script is pasted ABOVE all other CSCA Scripts. Plug and Play.

Text file is found here(copy and paste everything into your script editor in the materials section): LINK

Casper Gaming


Edited by casper667

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I get a SyntaxError at line 90. Can you help me please?


This is what line 90 is: def initialize(x, y, width = Graphics.width, height = line_height*2, text)

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I get this error and i have no other script.

" Script ' CSCA Professions' line 639: NameError occurred.

undefined methode `refresh´ for class `CSCA_Window_Toast"


My scripting knowlagde is 0. :3


Can anyone lead me the correct way to do the script?

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